Beauty: They are back: Plaid shirts

Viviane Freitas

  • 23
  • Sep
  • 2014

Beauty : They are back

  • 23
  • Sep
  • 2014

Hello girls. Plaid is always a good choice for men and women.

The combinations are endless and you can enjoy the different styles in the market on numerous occasions.

For those who still resist plaid, here is a relief: plaid doesn’t always have to be so colorful. If you have more than two colors in squares, it is plaid. You don’t need to have five or six colors like most people wear that stands out more, which is the reason why many people don’t want to wear plaid, because they are too afraid to call attention. You can create a discreet and elegant outfit with simple pieces and do well in any occasion.

There are several ways to combine a plaid blouse into your look, but I will teach one that will never fail. Choose a plaid shirt, then choose one of the colors in the pattern and wear it on the bottom. Example: black and white plaid shirt. Choose white or black pants and it will look great. Matching color tones is the safest way to combine an outfit without making a mistake.

The biggest tip of all is that plaid can’t be worn with plaid unless it is a dress. If you choose to wear a plaid shirt do not wear plaid pants, otherwise it will be too flashy and that’s the least thing we want to do is draw attention to what we wear.

There is nothing to fear in taking a chance, but we must always take into account what we wear because it represents us. I’ve written several times about this, dress in harmony with common sense, we don’t want to draw attention because a woman that values herself doesn’t need to do this, right?


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  1. Wow!!! It is very interesting, I like to match the color. Thank you Mrs.

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