Self-sufficient assistant

Luisa Teixeira

  • 17
  • Dec
  • 2015

Self-sufficient assistant

  • 17
  • Dec
  • 2015

While talking with an assistant, she told me about the difficulties and deserts that she was experiencing.

Her words were almost schematic. Her position before what was happening was of someone that was very secure and practical. It seemed like there was no pain and only a sense of self-sufficiency, as if she could manage to solve everything through the strength of her arm. And that is precisely where the danger comes into play!

You may ask, “But Luisa, isn’t that positive, the person feels secure and practical during difficult times?”

On one side yes, because the person is not easily shaken; but on the other side of the coin, it leads them to being independent from God, because we develop a pride that we can overcome ourselves … and this happens in a very subtle way.

In times of difficulties, we should make the most of seeking in depth what God wants to reveal to us. Because everything that happens in our life is not in vain, especially in the life of the righteous. God always wants to speak to us, reveal something new and we learn more about ourselves.

For this reason, do not allow yourself to be indifferent at the time of pain, as this will distance you from God.

There are many assistants that have stood-out in their service in the Work of God, they are active, always ready. But when it comes to solving what is within them, seeking God and doing his will, what He wants for their lives during difficult times … they lean on themselves, on their works and their knowledge. And they end up not taking advantage of these moments to develop their inner and personal being.

We must not forget that everything is permitted by God and often it is a way to draw our attention towards Him and develop a closer relationship; and fully depend on His strength, and not on the strength of our “arms”.

“This is what the Lord says: Cursed is the one who trusts in man, who draws strength from mere flesh and whose heart turns away from the Lord…“But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him. (Jr.17: 5,7)

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  1. Recently I realised that I had a mask of toughness. I didn’t want to be weak like I was in the past, so I would wear a mask of someone who is tough and does not allow anything to get to her.

    I would wear this mask in front of people, and I soon saw myself wearing this mask before God!

    During prayer I would not want to confess in detail how certain situations would make me feel, but I would prefer to tell God in my mind.

    Because when we confess something, it makes it sound even more real! And plus I didn’t want the devil to know and discover a new found weakness I have.

    God had to remind me that when I enter into His presence I need to be humble, I need to be at His feet like a child. Be ready and willing to confess my errors and struggles in detail. Why should I even care if the devil knows?

    What matters is that I’m also ready and willing for God to cleanse me and renew my faith. Only if this does not happen will the devil be able to use it against me.

    Before people I can even be strong, but this must be because of my communion with God!

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