Occupation: Mother

Josiane Boccoli

  • 5
  • Jun
  • 2015

Occupation : Mother

  • 5
  • Jun
  • 2015

Wherever we work, we always have to improve; who does not study and is not updated, gets left behind and loses their place. Right? So, why as a mother would it be any different?

If one of the most important things we do is disciple our children, why would we do it any which way?

It is unacceptable! We can improve day after day, always seeking this spiritual and maternal growth.

The Holy Spirit came to guide us; He has the power to inspire us and gives precise directions, whatever the difficulty we are going through. That is how it was with me! Today my son was at a friend’s house, and when I went to pick him up he was experiencing muscle stress, caused by not knowing how to control himself in a situation that afflicted him, due to his autism. Once I got near the door, I already heard his cries, and also of his friend’s mother, who was desperate … He was already wet with sweat, I walked in and immediately hugged him, touched him on the back and did the massage that calms him down, I said to him in his ear:

“Do not yell, we are together, calm down … control yourself, you can do it…”

And after a few seconds he stopped screaming. I thanked his friend’s mother and left. An hour later, she called me and asked me how I did it, how could I calm my son down so fast since she had spent so much time trying everything.

Dear friend, in my moments of despair without knowing how to calm my child, I sought guidance and help from the Holy Spirit; I made Him my refuge and my Only Source. He first gave me inner peace, and soon after it seemed that when I looked at Gabriel, I saw him in a different way. I began to understand my son and to see his needs, I continued seeking and God blessed me with ideas that I put into practice and that worked perfectly!

Today I can help Gabi and many mothers of children with autism, ADHD and hyperactivity. Do you know how? With the direction that God has given me! Isn’t it wonderful?

I also want to see the same in your life because if He gave me these solutions, in the same way, He will guide you to the solutions you need, according to your needs. Only Seek in Him and believe in the answer, because surely you will not only help your child, but you will surpass yourself in your best occupation, “Mother Teacher”.

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