Going back to the Past – 29th Part

Viviane Freitas

  • 29
  • Feb
  • 2016

Going back to the Past – 29th Part

  • 29
  • Feb
  • 2016

You won’t believe it! The first movie I ever watched in the cinema with my little children, was the « Prince of Egypt » movie.

I do not remember exactly how that day went, but the film certainly left its marks and when it came out on “video tape”, we bought it.

I remember the times, when we used to watch this film and at the very end of the film, when the people of Israel departure from Egypt, the three of us celebrated. I, in this case, would leave the house running and partying, with them behind me singing, “a-shir-ra.” I couldn’t even hear the music begin, because it gave me the “tic tic adventure” exclusively mine! Singing out loud and running around the house! Luis climbed onto the bed and jumped and Vera did the same thing. It was a joy to us, that honestly I didn’t know why it was such a “bash”.

I tried to put myself in their “little world”, to gain credit as a mother as well. I knew they had to be discipline, but they also needed a mother, companion, friend and love.

I put all my strength in the things of God.


I didn’t praise children’s stories and anything that the world provided as a charm, however, but I did so with the Bible’s stories. Because we know that the Disney’s stories and other children movies are all a fantasy. But the Bible is not a fantasy but something real. I didn’t have a “closed-mind” in regards to the children’s movies that weren’t Christian, but they certainly created fantasies that were not real.

Now faith, brings real things when we apply the Bible teachings in our lives. It goes far beyond of what the human mind itself can understand.

So … Another movie we saw together was “Tarzan.” One year after the “Prince of Egypt”. But this time, when we got home, Luis came up with the idea that he was the “Tarzan” of the house. He climbed onto the sofa and jumped like “Tarzan.”

Do you know what I did?

I “hissed” the attitude of Luis.
Something like…”Oh, Tarzan is not like David who killed Goliath!” And I spoke with a mouth full of the men of God who were true heroes. That is how I worked with them, for them to admire the men of God of the Bible and not the men that the world shows as heroes.

And the plan worked.
Luis also wanted to watch other movies and even Biblical movies to copy the men of God, so that he could impress his mother.

The film “Ten Commandments” of 3 hours, was one of the movies he took as a reference of a man of God. After the movie was over, Luis was saying, “Let my people go!” with a long piece of bread in his hand, assuming it was his staff, and tapping with the tip of the “staff” on the floor, saying with a pretty thick voice, “Let my people go !!!”

The whole family “enjoyed” his wisecracks. And I, was “proud” to see him appreciating who I wanted him to appreciate. And that’s how it was, on a daily basis, I conquered a place in their lives in a special way. Always putting God in evidence.

They had to appreciate what I appreciated: Faith in God. And with the power of influence that I had, I was able to accomplish that. But even so, I had very difficult times with Luis. He always had problems in school, because he lived in his own little world. He did not want to have a commitment in learning the school things. He wanted to keep on playing around.

For me to be able to sustain them, I often traveled hours to shop in places that were less costly for us. Thats when I had to shop in “bulks” once a month. So I would leave in the morning and only come back in the afternoon. In addition to my weekly shopping, for the basic things, like fruits and vegetables.

And they both came home on the school bus. Many times I was called to the school for situations that Luis did.

In the next diary, I will share more of the difficulties that I lived with him.

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  1. I love and admire the way you taught your children. It is inspiring for me- even though I don’t have children yet, but these are tips I can even apply in the CBC

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  2. Hi Mrs Viviane,

    It’s truly admirable how you’ve raised your kids in the ways of God even in kid activities. Funny how people say kids are just kids and they do what every kid does, what we fail to realize is that every thing that kids are taught or what they engage in at a young age, is automatically imbedded in their minds and will eventually reflect in their adult years.

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