My Taste: Family, Reference

Viviane Freitas

  • 13
  • Apr
  • 2015

My Taste : Family, Reference

  • 13
  • Apr
  • 2015

Do you know what it is to value family?

Do you know who is fighting for you from the very beginning of your life?
Do you know who “puts up” with all your faults and still believes in you?

Usually, it is family! But today in society, there is disorder. There is no more discipline. Parents want to act in any way they want and the children, not having a reference, also act in a negative and angry way.

When parents want to impose order, there is no credibility because they are not a positive reference. Many do not even want to get married because they see the infidelity from the part of their parents. Not to mention the behavior, that is, the screams, the quarrels, the decisions, the fights, the ill-treatment and etc.

Well! There is much to develop about this subject. So I invested in my blog, a day or two, to talk about mothers or children speaking to parents, so that there is an order; to understand at once, the role of family and the role of women are very important in the home.

And here, I came to talk about what family means to me. Something of supreme value.

It was because of my family, I never had any complex of my flaws.
It was because of my mother, I always learned to understand the faults of others, because she always showed me the good in people.
It was because of my father, I had a reference of who I should marry.
It was because of my sister, I could choose who would be my friend.
It was because of my home and witnessing my parents’ testimony, that I chose the altar.

When I got married, I compared my husband with my father. The same way my father behaved, I looked for that in Júlio. I was observing Júlio. But all that my father was not and did not do, I did not expect this of Júlio.

When I got married, I also knew how I should proceed in my relationship with my husband. In the same way my mother talked to my father, was the same course that I wanted to find in me.

All that foundation, that base, made me make choices for my life.

My family gave that example of life, harmony, and peace and all that echoed in me and had credibility that was able to guide me. I gave very great importance to everything they told me.


They made me who I am.

And when I created my family, I took with me these good examples to my home. Júlio and my children thank me for my way of being with them. For there is respect not only from my children to me, but also from ours to them.

I love being with them!
I love getting emails from them!
I love to kiss and hug them because I am eternally grateful for all they have done in my life. I never tire of kissing. Sometimes I’m the only one that gives kisses, but this was never a reason to charge them in return, because I am the one that needs to give. I do not feel dissatisfied when they do not, because only I do it, it makes me who I am. And it materializes what i have inside of me to give.

Júlio even says so, it’s 23 years like this!
My parents say that because, since my childhood, I do so with pleasure.

It’s funny, when I saw my parents kissing, I said:“Do it again, Dad !!! It’s so good to see you like that!”

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  1. I am fast learning that with my children its not what I teach but what I do in front of them that teaches the lessons

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  2. Thank you. I need to be aware of the family reference that I leave for my son. The woman is very important in the home and I will put value in family and home.

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  3. Thank you mrs. Viviane for sharing this with us,

    Indeed, a good family is very important. Children most likely behave, the way their parents behave.

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  4. Thank you again. This is so true Family is really important and I hope to learn more of these lessons with my family .

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  5. Amen

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