Audio: Faith- Intelligent Faith

Viviane Freitas

  • 10
  • Apr
  • 2015

Audio : Faith- Intelligent Faith

  • 10
  • Apr
  • 2015

Hello to all cybernauts! It is a pleasure to be here with you every Friday and share what’s inside of me, that is the Spirit of God.

Continuing the subject that has been discussed here on faith: did you know that it is a link to you and to God? For example, me and God. So if there is a problem with my faith, I will not have the same response.

You may ask:
-“But, Viviane, isn’t it only necessary to have faith in God and that’s it?!”

In truth, there are actually two kinds of faith: intelligent and emotional. The first makes us use reasoning and has the ability to judge, evaluate, and measure…in the end, it is according to the purpose of your own faith.

And how do we express an intelligent faith? That is what I will be addressing here on the blog about this topic, because the intelligent faith not only requires answers from God, but it also requires a response of one’s own faith.

Now look, God has many innumerable promises to those who believe, but are all these promises achieved because I believe in God? Nope! Because there has to be something to overcome in this response. And for there to be an answer from God, I have to overcome and that’s when intelligent faith comes into play.

When I reason, I confer my own faith, that is, I analyze how I pray and I observe my attitudes after my prayer. For example, if I say a prayer and ask God to be a woman of God, this request actually is something superficial! Why not go into detail about what is to be for you to be this woman of God. When we want something from God, we have to be detailed.

I’ll talk more about on prayer next audio. But today I want to first focus on intelligent faith, because this is how I assess my own prayer, my attitudes, how I go to church, how I reason when I read the Bible, how I not settle on just reading the Word of God without bringing any of it into my life.

An example of this, which happened to me, was one day I was reading the Bible, meditating on Acts, on a part in which specified on the church of the Pentecost; the fact that it is united on a common agreement. And I brought this to my life and thought:“Why is it that sometimes I am among people of God and I feel inferior, stagnant, not me; I feel like a ‘fish out of water’!! How am I not living this Word? If the church of Jesus lives in agreement that means there exists a spirit of harmony, there is no feeling of ‘fish out of water’ !?” I evaluated, looked, and thought about this verse, … I did not “jump” to another verse the next day … Why? Because I was still thinking about that verse and that, my cybernaut friend, is intelligent faith. I went to find out why I acted this way and felt like a “fish out of water”. I remember that my emotions were on edge, but I spoke to God and said, “Look God, the Lord is watching, I’m feeling like a ‘fish out of water’, but that is not what is written in Your Word, as told by the early Christians. So why am I out of that ‘frame’ in which I can not reconcile myself with and not overcome? I do not know what is happening to me, but one thing I know for sure: I want an answer and I will ‘hunt’ it, because I want to know why I’m not able to act the way it is written as a Christian has to be. What’s the difference? What is wrong with me?”

See, my cybernaut friend. there is a true belief, that is real and that requires a response, not only from God but also my attitude towards my faith.

Many people are listening to me here and now and are asking God for this and for that … But in reality they are making Him as a “magician” to perform “magic” on their problems!! One demands an answer from God but doesn’t require action from one’s faith. The person insists on results from God, but they don’t change. And when you speak to Him with doubt, fear, and you think you will never reach His promises, that means that you do not believe you are deserving. There are numerous situations that comes to your head while talking to God; the prayer itself does not emphasize what you want, it wanders, and you speak of your feelings, that you want to be a woman of God … But that does not solve anything! Because it is not a true, real, or a sincere prayer! When I believe in something, I am ready and set on where I’m going, I’m not just talking about what is superficial.

So cybernaut friend, I want you to evaluate your own faith. You have heard of the church, and even here in these audios and the blog, and perhaps you never understood what is being mention about this intelligent faith! But, like I said before, this requires a response from you as well as from God. You can “charge” Him, as long as do your part!

Cybernaut friend, here I leave a space for you to think: Is your faith intelligent, something rational or is it emotional faith, raised by what you feel and believe based on your feelings or you’re living…?!
Think about intelligent faith and take action in favor of what you believe.

A big hug and until next week!

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