My Friend #19 :Affraid of making mistakes

Viviane Freitas

  • 17
  • Feb
  • 2016

My Friend #19 : Affraid of making mistakes

  • 17
  • Feb
  • 2016

Participate on the Blog: Are you afraid? What do you like that creates a problem? What do you feel that dominates you?

Write in your notebook: What are you afraid of? Don’t answer hastily! Think! What do you like to do to hide this fear? What do you feel that dominates you?

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4 comentários

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  2. I like to be on my own, and stay in my own little bubble, not being close to many people. I don’t have any close friends, because I’ve never been able to be close to my own family. I prefer it this way, because for me it helps me to avoid being hurt by people just like I’ve been constantly hurt for many years by my own family.

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  3. Good morning Miss Viviane. I live in Guyana. What I am afraid of is disappointing people. I’m afraid of doing something wrong and having persons laugh at me. Even though I know that nothing can be perfect, I try to give my best at everything and when I can’t, it disappoints me first then others.
    This really gets to me and I can’t seem to get this ideology out of my head.

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  4. Dear Mrs. Viviane,

    My name is Elizabeth and i live in Holland.
    I have been attending the services every month for the women and lately also following
    The messages of My friend.
    It is being helping me a lot. I currently started college.
    In the beginning I was confident of what I was doing, but a long the way I started to get insecure about talking in public (in front of the class).
    On Mach 12 I went to the service and I said to my self, I need to hear something that is gonna make a change. When I got there and you started to talk, I was very happy. Because I need it to hear more about how I could beat down these insecurities. The next week I went to college and I had to do a presentation in front of the class. I prepared myself and I kept in mind what I have heard and learned in the survice.
    On that same day before I went to college I read my bible on the following passage: Filp. 4-9.
    These confirmed everything for me at that moment.
    In my mind I was making a lot of stuff up, about what they (the class) would say about me or think about me.
    But I start to think, what is mine goal by standing in front of the class? What is it that I wanna bring?
    And I stopped worrying about their thoughts, because if you think about it. I am going really far to worry about what is going on in the mind of somebody else .
    On these days I did mine presentation and I took with me everything I learned and it went amazing. These give me more confidence to do it even more better next time.

    Ps. My Portugees is not that good, so I wrote in English 

    Thank you very much,

    Elizabeth Duarte, Holland

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