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  • Nov
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  • 11
  • Nov
  • 2015

The so called menopause, it is the phase in the life of a woman when the cyclic function of the ovaries come to an end, along with the menstrual cycles.

In other words, menopause begins when the menstrual cycle ends.
We can entitle menopause as the last menstrual cycle of a woman and/or the cycle when her reproductive capacity decreases drastically until it ceases completely.

During this cycle , the ovaries secrete estrogen and fewer progesterone, reducing the release of eggs until it is extinguished.

For many years, the average ages where the process of menopause begun was estimated between 45 and 50 years; however, with the increase of average life expectancy, today we can speculate that this process begins, the majority of the time, after the 50s.

When menopause begins before the 40s, it is called premature menopause and its most determinate causes are genetic predisposition or auto-imune diseases. Women who smoke are also exposed to this consequence.

Also, there is artificial menopause, provoked by a surgery, that decreased or extinguished hormonal secretion of the ovaries. This happens in the surgeries of the removal of the ovaries where we observe the end to menstrual cycles, as well a s ovulation, or the removal of the uterus, where the end of menstrual cycles are definite. However, if the ovaries remain intact, hormonal secretion remains as normal.

Now that you know what menopause is, let us analyze the most common symptoms of this alteration of the feminine organism:

-Hot flashes;
-Sleep disturbances;
-Mood swings;
-Night sweats;
-Reduced libido;
-Urinary inconsistency;
-Muscular and joint pain;
-Increase in weight;

How to minimize these symptoms and conquer this phase, that for many women causes a lot of changes on their day to day basis?

That is what we will discuss on the next post.

Until then.

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