Meek Assistant  

Viviane Freitas

  • 10
  • May
  • 2014

Meek Assistant  

  • 10
  • May
  • 2014

“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.” ( Mt.5 : 5 )

So, what does being meek really mean? Is it a person who is calm, slow, still and silent?
No! It has a much deeper meaning, spiritually speaking.  
Remember that everything the Lord Jesus says are not just words being said, nor is it to make anyone’s ego “feel” better.  

It’s true that He encourages, comforts and does everything to lift us up. But it’s certainly more than that. He reveals the truth about ourselves.
We just have to use our intelligence: What’s the point of motivational words, or that we are courageous if our inner being is not completely free?
This is the reason why many people including assistants only overcome for a period of time, but then they slow down or come to a halt, all because they don’t take care of the most important thing, their interior.
The Beatitudes are teachings to transform our way of life. In fact that is the secret of true happiness. If you want to be happy and successful then live by the Beatitudes.
In today’s article, we will address as you may have already noticed what the meaning of being meek is. It is a Fruit of the Holy Spirit.
I would like you to notice that the meek shall inherit the earth, in other words, wherever a person who is meek sets their foot they will conquer, why is that?  Because they have balance, an easy going temperament, and are flexible, and above all sure of themselves. That’s why wherever they go they have good relationships.
Below I will show you in detail what is it to be a meek assistant that will inherits the earth:
• In God’s work: She has good relationships with her colleagues, the members, and with the pastor simply because she is sensitive to God’s voice to hear and act at the right time.
• In her job: She is a person that is approachable, always available and willing with an easy going spirit. She does not complain nor does she have a long face. She serves faithfully.
• At school: She knows her place. She doesn’t play around all the time, but she’s not an antisocial either. She is nice, calm, but also very sure of her choices.
• At home: She is an example to her husband, her parents because she accepts correction when necessary. She has a respectful behavior without imposing on anyone.
• Before her problems and difficulties: She confides in the Divine Justice. It is in those moments that she proves in whom she has truly believed in.
I would like for you to analyze yourself by what has been written here to see if you have been this meek person.
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