Maxi Skirts

Viviane Freitas

  • 27
  • Aug
  • 2013

Maxi Skirts

  • 27
  • Aug
  • 2013

Hello everyone, today we will talk about Maxi skirts.

Each passing day I like wearing them more and more.

At first, I thought I couldn’t wear them since I’m not very tall, but I found out that even though I’m average height I can still wear a long skirt, taking into account some details of course.

Long skirts can be used in the summer and transition to winter by only changing a few accessories. It’s a very versatile piece that can be used by those that are: thin, tall, short, overweight, etc. you just have to know how to use it with your body type and style.
It’s a graceful piece and when used properly, it can be your savior on a day you have a special event to go to where you want to look flawless and comfortable. You can use it during the day and adapt it for a night look.

A woman in a skirt is always looks beautiful, charming, feminine, modern and above all discreet. Maxi skirts are here to stay! They come in various colors, designs, fabrics and can fit every type of woman: Modern, classic, younger or older.

But every woman has a different body type and it’s always good to know what will suit your body type best and what won’t. So here are the tips:

If you have wider hips:

Always wear skirts in darker colors or with smaller patterns with a darker background. The top must be in a lighter color or with larger prints. The idea is to highlight the top part, which is smaller! When you use a darker skirt with a lighter top the contrast will make your hips look smaller.
 Never use a skirt that gives your hips more volume. So avoid skirts with heavy fabrics like wool or cotton. The fabric should flow well, but not mark your body, use a light fabric that falls just right.
Don’t wear skirts that are have a wide round cut or are layered. Avoid skirts that have bulky fabrics! The skirt should be narrower following your silhouette, falling close to the body, a straighter cut.
Wear it with a top that has shoulder pads or details on the shoulders this will make your hips looks more proportional to your body and hence smaller.

Shorter woman:

Don’t be afraid of wearing long skirts. You simply have to make a monochromatic look (same colors) that will make you look taller. Colors with the same color tones will give you an even effect and make you look taller.
Avoid using belt because it gives you a cutting effect. The length of the skirt should be to your feet so that only the tip of the shoe is showing.
Don’t be afraid to use your creativity and match your skirt with classic pieces to get a classic and more elegant look. If you prefer a more comfortable look wear the long skirt with flat sandals that are more youthful and super comfortable.

If you have broad shoulders:

Always use light or colorful skirts. Larger prints with lighter background color also give a larger effect! If you use darker colors tops it will make your bottom half larger because the attention will be only on the skirt.
Go for heavier fabrics, thicker ones such as wool and cotton. This will give you an even effect both on the top and bottom.
Choose styles that have volume, more fabric, are wider, and more drapery.
Unlike those with larger hips you need to draw attention to this area and not hide it. Instead of buying tops with details on the shoulders or with prints go for plain dark tops. Draw attention to the bottom half with a stronger color, a bulky material or even a belt on the hip to even your look.

In case you haven’t notice I always leave tips here for every body type. It doesn’t matter what body type you have as long as you learn to love and respect it. And if you realize you need to improve it, don’t hesitate to do so! It ‘s important to learn and want to improve, so take advantage of these tips to make yourself feel more beautiful.


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