Viviane Freitas

  • 25
  • May
  • 2015


  • 25
  • May
  • 2015

I love makeup
I learned to apply makeup by myself.
Do you know how?
Every time I saw a makeup look that I liked in a magazine, I observed how it was applied. And I would take a risk and try to copy it on myself when I wasn’t doing anything.

In the period of time that I was in Spain, I didn’t have too many responsibilities, and there was some time left in the evenings for me invest on my makeup while I was waiting for Júlio.

I would do all kind of looks of all different types.

I didn’t always get a chance to use makeup in the way that I would have like… sometimes because I was pressed for time or of where I was; there was no way to find a little extra time.

Because of this, I need a few things that facilitate my day. I normally wear makeup everyday, especially when I am going to attend meetings, for church, or when I am going to meet people, when I go out etc…

So, I need to be practical.
How so?

My makeup has to be in a space where it’s easily accessible to me. They cannot be in little boxes, closed, or in little bags. Why? Usually, this doesn’t help me when I’m in a rush or something unexpected happens.


I bought this acrylic makeup box so that everything is visible. This is where all my eyeshadows, blushes, makeup brushes, powders, foundation, concealers, eyeliners, and eyebrow pencils are located.

And to be further prepared, I always have makeup kits ready for when I travel. ( I am going to go into more detail about this topic some other day, so that I can give you some tips in how to make your life easier.)

I love looking presentable to all who see me because I know that my image can convey a message, like: How good God is, I’m not tacky, I’m creative and modern, I am at peace and I love life, etc…

It is very important to invest in oneself! You only win! When you produce, you admire, and you feel good about yourself.

Think about it and invest time in you, because you are special!
First, you are special to God, and then to yourself. So don’t ignore what you C A N do in your favor.

Get started already!!!

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6 comentários

  1. I love this acrylic makeup box. I love putting on makeup too, and this month, I will take your advise and start practicing different looks ?

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  2. The reason we should look our best is for God and ourselves. I will change how I organize my makeup where I can see and organize it. I also have to be in a hurry sometimes and it will help me.

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  3. wow i learn alot from all your message and from now i wl change for the glorly of God

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  4. Thank you Mrs Viv by reading this message I got a different view on putting on make-up

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  5. Thank u Ms Viviane for sharing, I love looking beautiful as well am learning how to do make up as well, am going to keep on trying until I get everything rite. I always keep what I havee learnt from Godllywood into practise” My image can convey a message”.I have collected some and intend to have more until I know how to. Not a lot of it , but to beatify myself and look beautiful for my God.
    Thanx again

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  6. Hello Mrs. Viviane,
    I learned something from this post today. “My image can convey a message” That is so strong! For me personally, I love to put on make up, but it takes me so long to put it on. Sometimes I don’t have the time so I just go without it. I love the way you have the make up easily accessible and close by for when you need it its all organized and you can just grab what you are looking for. I am going to work on organizing my makeup today and practice putting it on my free time.
    Thanks for the tip

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