Is glitter okay to wear during the day?

Carina Bravo

  • 21
  • Nov
  • 2015

Is glitter okay to wear during the day?

  • 21
  • Nov
  • 2015

Hello everyone!
Many women are unsure if they can use clothes or accessories with glitter during the day…. Yes, you can but in moderation.

Glitter should compliment your look so be very careful when choosing the colors. If your main piece has glitter then be careful with what you are mixing it with. Look at the tips below:

We should choose lighter and softer colors; darker colors should be used for events at night.

When you are combining a glitter piece, opt for combing it with neutral pieces. That way you can harmonize your look like we’ve learned over and over here on this blog. Too much is scary, that’s why you have to see if your glitter piece is adequate for a day to day look, to avoid over exaggerating.

Practical tips

Glitter at work
In a professional environment, invest in discreet looks, with basic colors and soft patterns. Glitter should only be used in accessories, not all over your outfit. Since a professional environment requires a more serious look that should add and not take away.

Now for young girls at school, you can wear t-shirts with glitter logos, they are very modern and look very nice with jeans.

In your day to day looks
Use discreet Sequins! This is the key to success then you can’t go wrong when you go out to do your daily activities. A nice border in your shirt, blouses or dresses, playing with colors is a good way to face your week in a different way.

Glitter adds to your look and calls attention, so be careful where it’s added to your look.

Simple tips to help you shine!

So girls, lets shine? May you be a woman that “shines” and illuminates all those around you.

I hope this helped.












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  1. Thanks Mrs vivi for the tips.

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  2. Thank you Mrs Viviane for sharing with us, now I know how to pair the glitters in my closest.

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  3. Thank you mrs vivi
    the tips are very nice

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  4. Love these tips.

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