How do you see yourself

Viviane Freitas

  • 9
  • May
  • 2014

How do you see yourself

  • 9
  • May
  • 2014

Today my health tips go a little beyond what we should eat or drink. It is also something very important and is proven to help the process in getting into a healthy lifestyle. Come see what they are…

In order to change your physical, spiritual, professional or family well being it takes much more than simply using your own strength and just doing everything I recommend.

Let us see how these two steps can add quality to your lifestyle:

First: Eliminate destructive criticism

There are people whose words and thoughts are mostly self-critical: ” I do not like my body or appearance, I’m fat, short, tall, thin, shapeless, nothing fits me, I hate my eyes, nose, and hair. I’m not the woman I would like to be, etc. ” Criticism and more criticism. There are people that all they do is criticize their appearance, personal life, job, home, family or even when they are at church.

What benefit will you get out of speaking or thinking bad about yourself? Is there any?

Self-criticism will only destroy and put you down.

You may be very far from your ideal self, but do not be destroyed by your own words. On the contrary, bless yourself! Change your words and thoughts when it comes to your self.

Second: Visualize your new self

Many people just can’t visualize themselves the way they want to be.
Friend, if you are not able to visualize your life the way you want it to be, then how will you achieve it?
Did you know that in order to create, develop, or acquire something you have to create and develop it first in your mind?
When you look in the mirror, how do you see yourself?

I know people who can’t even face themselves in the mirror, they can’t imagine themselves being healthy, with an ideal weight, or realizing their dreams. It’s impossible to admire themselves. If you do not believe in your own potential, who will?

In order to achieve the results you long for first you must imagine yourself doing it. Use your imagination, how you want to be either in your physical health, and family, spiritual or professional life.

Visualize your success: Look in the mirror and use your faith to see from now on who you want to be!

Imagine and visualize. Be creative imagine all the details.

Did you imagine it already? Then this will be your goal! Now you have to work to achieve it.

  “…Surely, as I have thought, so it shall come to pass,
And as I have purposed, so it shall stand.”
(Is. 14:24)

Have you ever faced this type of experience? Have you achieved your goals? Or are you still facing it? Share with us your experiences it may help someone.

Until next time

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4 comentários

  1. I have faced this type of experience like how I can loose my belly fat and start doing diets. I’ve heard that people may not be bullied by others but they bully them selfs and I think that Ive been doing that a lot. I believe that in this area we should also have balance because if we admire our self too much pride grows if you don’t watch out, and if you are too harsh you just put yourself down.

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  2. I am a very slim person, so people who are not comfortable with themselves always have a commet that will hurt you,even in the church, i love myself but sometimes it is hard to handle, thank you for this wonderful tip.

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  3. Thank you Mrs Kátia I have been battle with my weight now I can see where I went wrong all that I could see is the problem not the solution I cant even visualize what I want to achieve one negative word can easily discourage me. For other areas of my life I used this strategy but I have been too blind to see for my health I need it Thank you very much this article has been a great help to me.I am looking forward to win my battle.

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  4. Mrs vivi on myself i always have great vision about myself,i like this article it encourages me more.

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