Health: The Benefits of Walking (Part 1)

Bárbara Filipe

  • 6
  • May
  • 2015

Health : The Benefits of Walking (Part 1)

  • 6
  • May
  • 2015

It is amazing how a simple and instinctive movement can improve all our lives …

Yes, it’s true … walk brings huge benefits!

In this first article we will discuss the many benefits to our health produced by having the habit of walking, proving that the improvement of quality of life and resolution of various clinical conditions is available to everyone.

Many times we put up obstacles to solve “simple” questions of our life, such as being unable to go to the gym and not being able to pay a consultation with a nutritionist, not mastering our anxiety, or having difficulty of raising our self-esteem.

Simple? You wonder … Yes, is the answer!

Together, let us observe a simple way to start solving some of these issues.

Walking is the formula, because walking allows you to:

improve blood circulation, ie, due to increased blood flow, the blood vessels expand and the pressure decreases, thus balancing blood pressure.
It is a strong ally in reducing the likelihood of cardiovascular disease;

Optimizes respiratory function, improving gases exchanges. Many of the impurities are expelled from the lungs, allowing better breathing quality. In regards to the bronchial tubes, there are also benefits: it aids in dilating them, preventing some airway inflammation;

Strengthens the muscles, especially of the lower limbs, contributing to a more correct posture and reducing discomfort, such as the discomfort felt in the back and neck area;

Combats and reduces the risk of osteoporosis, once the stimulus caused by the impact of the feet on the ground, it facilitates the absorption of calcium, making bones stronger;

It produces a feeling of well being that works with the body in fighting neurological problems, such as depression, anxiety, nervousness and self-esteem issues. This is also coupled to the stimuli that our brain receives when walking; it works for a significant improvement in the performance of our brain activity, making us more productive;

Losing weight, yes… it’s true! A hike accelerates our metabolism. This allied with a balanced diet enhances weight loss;

A more peaceful sleep and decreased daytime sleepiness. The adrenaline produced during walking allows the body to stay more active during the day, which “abates” sleepiness and improves the quality of our sleep by the day’s end.

However, there exits some precautions we must take before, during, and after the walk, which we’ll talk about in the next article.

Until then, enjoy, take your family walking with you and become a healthier woman!

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  1. when we keep our bodys healthy and strong we can be useful for God plan in our lives ,when the body is weak and sick it cant do anything and also is the house of the Holyspirit,for who can live in a house that is not well taken care of.

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