Health: The benefits of a check-up

Viviane Freitas

  • 19
  • Mar
  • 2015

Health : The benefits of a check-up

  • 19
  • Mar
  • 2015

The year began nearly three months ago and certainly many of us have set goals, made objectives and projects. But what did we define in relation to our health?

Maybe to make a new diet, start going to the gym, but did we stop to analyze, before making any decision, how our body is interiorly?

What diet or exercise would be the most appropriate according to our state of health at the moment?

The annual “check up” does just that—it is an assessment of our overall body and for this motive it is of extreme importance!

This week we are going to talk about the benefits of making that annual evaluation and which are the points that should not be forgotten.


– Detect the so-called silent diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol, and others that only with blood analysis are verified;
– Check through x-rays the chest to see if our lungs are healthy;
– Outwit heart diseases by having an electrocardiogram;
– Get accurate information about our degree of vision;
– Evaluate our hearing.

There are common men, women, and adolescent exams, but we will identify the most relevant.

A “check up” should be composed of:

– Blood count;
– Ionogram;
– Biochemistry;
– Urinalysis;
– Electrocardiogram;
– Chest x-ray;
– Audiogram;
– Eye examination.

However, if there is in your family a history of thyroid problems, hormonal changes, hypertension, heart disease, all this information must be given to the doctor who will prescribe the “check up” in order to be carried out specific tests to screen for these genetic predispositions.

Next week we will deepen in regards to the female “check up”, with specific tests for women. And throughout each week we will talk more in depth of each of the matters mentioned that often come from our family genetic structure.

See you soon!

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