Health: Check-up for women III

Viviane Freitas

  • 26
  • Nov
  • 2014

Health : Check-up for women III

  • 26
  • Nov
  • 2014

3rd Phase – 40 to 50 years Pre-Menopause / Menopause

Besides the mentioned exams, mammography and pap test being performed annually at this phase, more attention should be given to the changes from menopause, where hormonal changes occur that lead to a sensation of menstruation (menopause). Therefore it is recommended to perform a study of the hormonal profile w/ assay of FSH and estradiol.
With the decrease in hormones, the beginning of one of the most common diseases in this phase of a woman’s life can be seen, which is osteoporosis, a progressive loss of mass. A Bone Density test or an Osteodensitometry can detect this loss.
It is suggested that the first bone densitometry be done between 45 and 50 years, especially when a sharp decrease of hormones appear, and repeat it annually if there is some degree of bone loss or every two years in women with a normal exam.

4th Phase – Above 50 years

In this phase, it is recommended annual gynecological exams, depending on the clinical status and previous analytical results, or semiannual, in women who have hormone replacement therapy.
In addition to the routine tests, other specific tests for screening diseases that arise in this age group may be needed, considering the family history of cardiovascular diseases and malignant tumors of other organs (non gynecological).

Note: many people mistakenly think that the check -up is just performing diagnostic exams. But no, in it must always be included a medical observation.


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