Harmony through makeup

Viviane Freitas

  • 16
  • Apr
  • 2013

Harmony through makeup

  • 16
  • Apr
  • 2013

Hello ladies, this week we’ll find out how to give life to our face through the makeup we use.

The choice of appropriate makeup is essential to make your look more beautiful and harmonious.

To get the details right, you need to know your skin type. Details are what make the difference! The colors you use must be in harmony with your skin tone, the occasion and especially the shape of your face. Below are some important tips that will help you choose the most appropriate way to use foundation and blush. Who doesn’t like having perfect makeup, nothing exaggerated, but something that makes them feel beautiful?

The kind of makeup I prefer is of softer colors, practical for day-to-day use. It makes a real difference.

When we leave the house without makeup, without color, it seems as though we haven’t fully woken up yet, don’t you think? Let’s change that! Let’s bring color to our lives, not only through clothing but also through our daily makeup. If we’re invited to an event, obviously, we’ll have to change a few things and add a little more brightness and choose different colors. Ones that stand out a bit more.

Let me give you some tips on the foundation and blush type that will adapt to the shape of your face:

If you have:

Square-shaped face:
The square shaped face is one that has a wider chin and forehead. To create a better blend, the ideal thing is to use two tones of foundation when preparing the skin. Use the color tone of your face to even the skin tone and apply the other color to the sides of your face (above the forehead, the side of the ears, and jaw). Blush should be worn diagonally, starting about an inch above the mouth and going in the direction of the ears.

Round face:

The most striking feature of this type of face are the cheeks and a rounded chin. Like the square shaped face, the round face requires two basic foundation colors. The darker tone should be applied to the sides of the face, to “slim” it down. The forehead, nose, chin and the top of the cheeks should be “illuminated” with lighter powder or illuminator. Blush should be applied just below the top of the cheeks, also diagonally.

Oval face:
An oval face is longer and wider around the cheeks and a thin chin. This type of face is considered by makeup professionals as the most privileged, as there is no specific recommendation for skin preparation and use of products. Generally, applying foundation of the skin’s natural tone is enough to prepare it. Blush can be applied over the top of the cheeks in the area of the “smile” but only a small amount (enough to leave yourself “blushing”).

Heart-shaped face:
This face type has the shape of an inverted triangle and is characterized by a chin that is much thinner than the rest of the face. The forehead is the widest part of the face. Darker foundation should be applied only at the top and sides of the forehead to make it blend with the rest of the face. Blush goes well on the top of the cheeks, again, in the direction of the ears. Do not lighten your chin, it’ll make it look larger. The center of the forehead and nose can be lightened in moderation.

Enjoy the tips and give your life new direction. If need be, invest a little more in makeup products and take better care of your appearance day after day. We can not let our outward appearance devalue our inner qualities. Our appearance must show the Light and Life we have on the inside!

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