From whom do the descendants of faith come from?

Viviane Freitas

  • 12
  • Jun
  • 2015

From whom do the descendants of faith come from?

  • 12
  • Jun
  • 2015

Hello to all cybernauts!

It is a pleasure to be here with you every week!

How are you? Are you listening to these audios every week? Are you sad? What audios are you listening to? Is it mine? Did you listen to the audio from last week? Have you been hearing Bishop Macedo’s messages? Have you been participating in the services at church? and where is your Faith?

Are you, perhaps, the type of son that we mentioned last week, that says: “Yes, sir! Yes ma’am! Yes, I will do that.” And then after, you don’t react the way you should? That you aren’t the “son” that you should be?

My fellow cybernaut friend, you chose who you want to be! If you chose to be a child of the promise, then you will reap with joy the promises of God. You will not be sad! Obviously you are not going to be perfect, like I am not. There exists sad moments, but when you appeal to Faith and assume it with God, in this way you will reap His promises with joy, and not with doubt or with fear.

It is very important to those who haven’t heard the audio from last week that you do listen to it, because then you give continuity to what was spoken here. We spoke about the different types of sacrifice as well as what type of “son” you are.

Today we will speak about the son who joyfully reaps the promises, the one who believes and holds firm, the one who respects the Word of God and submits to it.

The topic of today is: “From whom do the descendants of faith come from?” You can accompany me in the book of Hebrews 11:18

[…]even though God had said to him, “It is through Isaac that your offspring will be reckoned.”

If you read verse 17, it will verify that:

 By faith Abraham, when God tested him, offered Isaac as a sacrifice. He who had embraced the promises was about to sacrifice his one and only son…

My cybernaut friend, do you want to have testimonies of Faith in you life? Do you want results with your family and family members; with your work and your business, wherever you go? Do you want descendants of faith? Who am I referring to? I referring to those who absorb your testimony and are born of the faith because of it, like fruit of what you present. Those are descendants of faith!

When it is said, “…It is through Isaac that your offspring will be reckoned.”, it is referring to the one who reaps the promises with joy. It signifies that it will come to existence: descendants of Faith that will act according to this Word.

You are a mother, daughter, an employee, sister, daughter-in-law, mother-in-law, I don’t know… but I will ask you one thing: How have people seen you?  “Aah, Viviane! That doesn’t matter. What matters is what God thinks of me!”

Yes, my fellow cybernaut, I also heard this from a friend and I asked her, “What are you known for?” and she replied, “Viviane, I am known for being very sentimental! But I don’t accept this…” and I told her: “It is best to confirm this! Because when one, two, to three people say the same thing, who is the one that’s right?” Let’s use intelligence! Is it possible that you’re not really “seeing” yourself?

In other words, perhaps you are the type of person that has their own way of being and you wait for others to acquire the God that you have, but… you are difficult, not submissive, not respectful, and harsh with your words. You are ignorant in your form of speaking, acting, of asking, of teaching, of accompanying. Even someone that is “lower” than you, or in the same “level” as you, you treat with disrespect.

What type of faith is this? What God is this? You don’t look like Isaac. You are being identical to Ishmael! Just trying to “give way” with the things of God. When you are a child of God, you are submissive, humble, flexible; you evaluate your actions because you don’t want to present something horrible, on the contrary, you want to present something acceptable. If it’s coming from people who see it that way, imagine God who doesn’t see it!

Your descendants of faith will be like the descendants of the slave who cohabited with Abraham and had Ishmael. Even though the Bible doesn’t say it out right, we know that he didn’t reap the promises with joy, because on verse 17 it says:

“…It is through Isaac that your offspring will be reckoned.”

In other words…. He (Ishmael) had no answers; he didn’t accept the promise!

And what will you generate? You can be going to church for many years, or for a short time. Your descendants, the people that are around you, will be generated through you, and will be in accordance with what you represent. If you have been someone that has been difficult, proud, selfish, greedy…. your descendants will be this way!

Is it important to use intelligent Faith. We approached, last week, with the theme of “What type of faith do you have?” and I will continue by asking: “Is it possible that you are being Ishmael instead of Isaac? Is it possible that you are not being a descendant of faith of Abraham?”

It is decided by you! You are the one who takes attitudes in favor of your faith! And how are you going to resolve this? You ask, “Viviane, I cannot change. It’s who I am. My parents were like this. Life has been difficult for me.”

My cybernaut friend, faith makes everything new! If you welcome the promises of God and His Word, with “teeth and nails”,  like an opportunity and with a thirst to be just and “hate” what makes you apart from God, then you will stop being difficult, complicated, sentimental, full of resentment, hurt, and harsh in your way of being. And you will have the DNA of God because your are submitting to Him.

I see this! Do you know how? When a woman has children, there exists a difference between the other. One obeys immediately, and the other take longer to obey, and is more difficult. And who is closer to the mother? The one who submits, that is more flexible, that recognizes and is humble; the one who is obedient. The other child says, “It’s unjust! She love my brother/sister more than me!” But in reality, they are not observing their own attitudes and wrong doings.

I want to call your attention to something: Do you want to be closer to God? To your family members, and those who are around you? Do you want to have a happy environment? Listen the Voice of God. Obey Him! And you will see how you will give testimony in the future and have descendants of faith. Your grandparents, uncles and aunts, brothers, sisters, mom and dad, your neighbors, coworkers; they will have to admit that you are someone special. Why? Because of your obedience and submission to the Voice of God.

BE the children of the promise, welcoming with joy the promises of God.

Are you going to accept being Isaac or Ishmael? You decide!

Until next week!

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  1. When we listen to the voice everything becomes possible and we overcome all obstacles.

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