From Mother to Mother: The sensibility of a Mother

Viviane Freitas

  • 20
  • Mar
  • 2015

From Mother to Mother : The sensibility of a Mother

  • 20
  • Mar
  • 2015

Usually when we realize that our children have some difficulty, then we think in looking for a treatment, and this is not wrong.

The mistake is to place all the hope only in this resource.

In my case when I found out my son was autistic, I went after treatments, specialists, and everything else. I found a wonderful team in Brazil in ABADS, which I am very grateful for, but when I arrived in Israel, I found myself alone. No one understood me. There was no diagnosis here for him and no help for him—the country allows and most of the time the parents hide their children as if they were a sin. Can you believe that there is even a place like a nursing home where children are placed there and visited only by parents…it is a shame for them, a very old and sad thought, which also makes it impossible for Israel to grow in resources for these cases, but this is another story…

Returning to my “apparent” loneliness…I depended only in the Holy Spirit to direct me, of course I went into sites to research and read many books on the subject but I would sit down and analyze my son. By doing this, I would find out difficulties and easiness in learning—that is when I realized that he was not rebellious by not obeying me, he just did not understand the words. It was all very abstract… My son was a “visual” child and understood better through drawings or photos. Then I began to draw everything for him , my house became a comic book and my baby began to understand simple things that before to him were like a blank page.

Often I thought he pretended not to hear me, then later I realized he did not answered me when I called him because he did not see me…words were vague to him, they passed. However, if I took his hand and placed it to my face, he would look at me, wow it was as if his eyes followed his fingers—I solved another problem. And like so there were several discoveries in my son, until today I do this and we are at the stage of singing—yes, Gabi likes music and I use melodies that please him to do daily activities, with that he gets happy and does playing what before to him was a burden. I can tell you that even a method that God gave me–today has become a form of treatment in autism, and all because of what?

Sometimes we get so lost in front of the problems with our children like disobedience, lack of attention, we feel they do not listen to us, they do not hear us that we end up wasting time in seeking professional care. It seems impossible that we can be the best resource for our children and finally when the money runs out, we are all out of strength, and there is nothing more we can do, we realize that it was all there in front of us—it was enough to have assurance that God would guide us and enable us.

We learned that no one could help our children better than we can.
We learned that with God, yes, we have this power.

I believe that sometimes God allows us to lose hope in aids and treatments, so that we can raise our sleeves, dispose ourselves and revolutionize.

Many people think that because my husband is a soccer player, my son must have had many expensive treatments and that is why today he is almost normal, big hoax, no!!! I treated Gabi at home. He began to have speech therapy classes only at 8 years of age.

I depended on God, we made healing chains and vows on the Altar, and from the Altar all the help came.
Mom friend, believe that God can enable you to help your child, no matter what is the problem that he has, physical or spiritual, be sensitive to your call.

Believe in God and believe in yourself, if I could so can you!

We are together!

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