From mother to mother: How should I act after the fast?

Viviane Freitas

  • 20
  • Feb
  • 2015

From mother to mother : How should I act after the fast?

  • 20
  • Feb
  • 2015

How beautiful were the days during the Fast of Daniel, right?

All the sacrifices were worth it and will always be worth it when our goal is to receive the Holy Spirit. I am sure that not only myself but also all those who have totally given themselves were baptized or renewed by Him.

Now what? How will our days be from now on?

I tell you that they will reflect all that we lived and received, because the fast did not end yesterday.

For those who received, the best thing now is that what God wants to do in their life will begin.

We know that while still small, children do not understand the true meaning of a fast or of whether or not they have the Holy Spirit. But they understand the difference between good and bad, between joy and sadness, or between everything being okay or not, and they keep these experiences throughout their development.

Now if you actually and truly do a visual fast as this one, certainly your child will notice that after it, you begin to have another type of behavior. Becoming a more peaceful, loving, patient mother and dedicating more attention to your child. This way, he will grow up wishing the same, because he was able to associate that “after fasting, everything changed! And that’s good.”

It is through our own living example, that we can plant this “good seed” inside them. Surely they will keep it and bear fruits at the right time.

Dear mother, examples are stronger than words. So make this a milestone in your child’s life and he will remember that there was a before and an after in you, after the Fast.

Be the mother who has the right word at the right time; that instead of saying something that you would regret later on or not to hurt, listens; corrects because she loves and not just to punish; teaches how to live by faith; soothes only with a soft look; smiles while she controls herself; with her embrace she transmits protection and in her tone of voice security; disciples as a servant of the Most High…

Allow your posture and your attitudes to reflect the image of the Lord, externalizing everything that you’ve received in these 21 days. And you can see, in the near future, your children also participating in the Fast and being baptized with the Holy Spirit and saying, “I only followed my mother’s example.”

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  1. Amen! A very good testimony indeed! Thank you for sharing Mrs., God bless!

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  2. to become a parent is not easy..specially to a single mom with a troubled growing teenager but I want to become a better mother, One day I want to hear them say I am in this faith because of my mom’s example 🙂 so yes I’m up for it.

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