From children to parents: Always learning

Viviane Freitas

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  • 2014

From children to parents : Always learning

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  • 2014

Just like children have the ability to learn from their parents, parents should also place themselves as “apprentices ” and this can open new horizons for them and they will be able to support their children’s choices.

Which father or mother would not like for their child even after they are all grown up to trust in them like a true friend, to find in them words of support, comfort and wisdom? Or which parent wouldn’t want their children to become, stronger, bolder and above all of faith because of their example?

But for this to happen its necessary for parents to be willing to learn, listen and practice.
There were several parents portrayed in the Bible, who gave a bad example, which resulted in their descendants being even worse.

“But Omri did evil in the eyes of the Lord and sinned more than all those before him. Ahab son of Omri did more evil in the eyes of the Lord than any of those before him.” (1 Kings 16:25,30)

Doing what is bad is a personal choice, but the truth is that children follow examples, not just advice. Misconduct generates worst actions, until the person recognizes what needs to change, and that requires a complete transformation, obedience, and surrender. You’ll have to agree with me: Even if we walk according to what we hear, believe and learn it’s not easy for our children or those we teach to surrender to God. Now imagine if they see in us a spirit contrary to what is right, of disobedience, misconduct, rebellion, inappropriate words and frivolous attitudes? So does this mean that you can live freely, according to your own “lusts”?

In the Help Center, we see every day mothers fighting for their children, and fathers who have never followed a religion holding the photographs of their children and crying out for them. And we also see children, who by choice or as the result of these prayers continue their journey, seeking to have by faith a life of dignity and a life that is right in the sight of God. Some, in doing so, recognize something fundamental that we must all foster: Continuous learning! There is something common to all, which is the thirst to learn to become better people, great parents and extraordinary children!

We must all have this in common: Leave a positive legacy of achievements not only material, but especially of honor, character and obedience.
Omri, Ahab ‘s father, was a king who brought success to Israel ‘s reign, but because of his wickedness and disobedience he did not obtained favor in the sight of God and was rejected by his own actions. And the same happened with his son…
You, can be sure friend or dear reader: if we plant today with the right direction, the chances that we will reap will be infinitely greater than if we remain in our will and in the ways that appeal to our own heart.

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