Faith- How does a person act when their faith is strong?

Viviane Freitas

  • 26
  • Jun
  • 2015

Faith- How does a person act when their faith is strong?

  • 26
  • Jun
  • 2015

Hello to all cybernauts!

It’s a pleasure to be here with you every week, side by side through these posts.

We were discussing the type of faith that brings into existence, that defines, resolves and destroys whatever doubt, fear, or whatever type of future problem.

Today we will talk about Joseph, in the book of Hebrews 11:22, that says the following:

“By faith Joseph, when his end was near, spoke about the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt and gave instructions concerning the burial of his bones.”

My cybernaut friend, if you have your bible in proximity, open it, please, in the book of Genesis 50:24-25 :

Then Joseph said to his brothers, “I am about to die. But God will surely come to your aid and take you up out of this land to the land he promised on oath to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.”  And Joseph made the Israelites swear an oath and said, “God will surely come to your aid, and then you must carry my bones up from this place.”

Apparently, you don’t “see” anything in these verses that we mention, but we speak a lot about faith. When God speaks with us, there is certainty, security. God had spoken to Abraham of the Promised Land, which wasn’t Egypt. And Joseph knew this! God had made his life and his days prosperous, and made him the governor of Egypt at the time; but even with all the riches and wealth he had conquered, Joseph did not forget the Word of God, of His Promise in relation to the Promised Land. Joseph knew that the place that they were was by God’s Permission, but that He would speak to his people and would take them out of there. And this made way for Joseph to ask to take his bones away from Egypt.

For me, this defines faith very well! When I believe in God, in His Word, in His Promises, there comes into existence a fear in regards to my life and even my relationship with my body: I do not want to leave my physical body to dry up in “Egypt”. I want to leave it where there exists nothing of this world, the “slavery”, the evil; I give importance to the promised land that God spoke so much about with Abraham.

Observe that Joseph and his brothers did not see the Promised Land because they were still in Egypt, but they knew that it existed. And what did Joseph do? He guarded the word of God, he did not forget it, and in the end of his life, when he was ready to die, he gave an order: “Do not let my bones remain in Egypt.”  In the book of Exodus, he mentions to the children of Israel saying “…God promised Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob  the Promised Land…”. He left his generation defined in regards to his God; he left it clear and assumed his belief before his family, in Egypt, even though they had their own beliefs and religions, that had nothing to do with the Hebrew people. Even so, Joseph before he died gave orders to not leave his bones there. He had zeal…. This to me shows the importance of the Word of God.

And I ask you cybernaut: You have heard many promises, commandments, how to act and not to act… Is it that you have this precaution to live by what was told to you? Is there fear and respect for the Word of God? Do you believe?

There are many people who often say, “I believe Viviane. I believe that God will do the impossible!” But in the midst of difficulties, problems, the good times… I ask again: Do you remember the words of the Lord Jesus, of the Word of God in your life?

If you are living in emotions I know you do not remember. Surely you will ask me: “What reason do you have to say, with such conviction, that I don’t remember to Word of God?”

When I am in feeling, I do not give the tiniest bit of importance to the Word of God. In reality, I give importance to what I am living at the moment. But when I am in faith, I prioritize it, I am aware of  myself, and I take precautions with my body, my life; to stay here in this land but to behave as it written and as it should be. When I do this, those feelings last only moments, or a few days, but never for the rest of my life! One day, two, a week…. It isn’t prolonged to months or years!

This reveals to us what type of consideration and faith we have towards God! When you have that fear and zeal for your faith, your belief, your conduct, with your actions and thoughts, this reveals to God, to you, and to the devil the type of faith you have, and what type of person you are by what you have already heard of the Word of God. And as a human being, what has been your reaction? Did you decide to cut evil at its root?

I mean, if you have that zeal, then you are saying to yourself, to God, and to the devil:

“Oh God, I prioritize Your Word, I don’t accept being carried away by my emotions! I don’t accept that the Lord looks at me and sees a weak person, being that the Lord promised a faith that overcomes boundaries, the obstacles that are before me!”

There is certainty! That faith is certainty, strength; there is that conviction in the God that you serve: there exists no fear, or doubt… Observe that it is something so “simple”, but it says many things in regards to Joseph and of his belief in God through the promises made to Abraham.

The words that were spoken to Abraham were stored inside of him; many years passed, he was already old and in his last moments of life, but he didn’t stop believing. He didn’t shrink before his achievements or his difficulties, even when it looked like God had forgotten about him: he was alone, his brothers were his worst enemy, and he was struggling and fighting against his feelings of being away from his family. Even though all of this was happening, Joseph did not lose his faith in God! He did not change his character and was faithful!

My cybernaut friend, I say this: “Congratulations Joseph!”- He doesn’t hear me now, but I congratulate him for his faith! And if you have that same faith, you don’t have fear of taking a risk, and you bring order and discipline to you life. You make resolutions in favor of that. We have the great opportunity with the Campaign of Israel!!!! You have the ability to bring into existence the real and true faith through the materialization of your belief, depositing all your life on the altar! It is your great opportunity!!!

Expel everything, don’t obsess over your past, the words or that sadness that you lived. Many times, when you give your testimony, you cry. You overcame all of it, but even so it happens. But when you speak of faith, of all the things you overcame, you speak with joy and happiness! In other words, where there exits faith, there exits joy,certainty, and peace. And do you know what else? Determination! Note when Joseph said, “I do not want my bones to stay here in Egypt!” My life here in this world, my physical body, I don’t want them to stay here… I will not let my emotions dominate me.

“Oh, because you are human, you feel, that is normal.”  It is normal to feel just a “little bit”! But to live with it, no! I will not let this remain in my life!

You have to be this way, cybernaut! Be determined in your faith. Resolve what needs to be resolved! If you are passing through a difficult situation, it doesn’t resolve anything to be there murmuring, you have to resolve the problem. How? By separating yourself from emotion, doubt, fear, and giving “orders” on what needs to be done through your faith.

I hope you understood, and that my faith was transmitted to you, but for that to happen, for you to receive it, you have to buy it. What? How? Buy it? No! Do you know what I had to do to have this faith? I had to separate myself from the things that were the “most expensive” for me.  What were they? The things that I stored inside me, my escape, my protection, and what I thought was mine, my right! I had to let go of everything!! You have this same opportunity to let go and to give it on the altar.

Do you want this faith? Do you want to be strong? The more you yield, give up, the lighter you will be. The secret is to leave everything behind and lay it before God.

A big hug! Leave your comment below, it is very nice to read them and to see how you are doing. It makes me happy!

Until next week…

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17 comentários

  1. Very strong Mrs V. the word of God becames alive in us when we strongly believe in it . and “by faith we we’re saved”
    by faith we will be blessed

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  2. This is beyond powerful! It’s like God took these words and touched my soul …. honestly!

    I see exactly what I need to do… like Joeseph I cannot live in my situation, embracing and living in my emotions. I have to separate myself from them… only that way will the promises of God have any meaning or affect on me. Otherwise they will just be words and not like what they were to Joseph … hidden within himself.

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  3. Amen

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  4. Hello
    Even though all of this was happening, Joseph did not lose his faith in God! He did not change his character and was faithful!
    This is very strong and should be followed ,practiced everytime we are in difficult moments and God will bless us.
    Thank you.
    God bless.

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  5. Thanks very much am blessed to hear these words of faith. Stay blessed

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