Experience: Those who are constantly quiet

Viviane Freitas

  • 20
  • Sep
  • 2014

Experience : Those who are constantly quiet

  • 20
  • Sep
  • 2014

I am a faithful reader of Vivi Freitas’ blog posts.

Through them I have been more sensitive to the voice of God. I have learned to be more determined, but less sensitive.
I also learned to look inside myself more in depth. There was one day that this voice truly marked me deeply.

When reading each blog post, I always told myself, “That’s right Vivi, I fully agree with you!” I would do ​​my prayer to God and I got up from in front of the computer radiant, so full of God that I had to talk to someone by phone or Skype to tell them what God had spoken to me about.

I always told my husband or someone close to me about the experience or vision I had received from God. It was like that until the day I read an article, which exactly talked about my weaknesses:

“There are so many people who exclude themselves because others are imperfect, and that was not the role of the Lord Jesus. We should not exclude ourselves from others, but be close to those who want so that way we are able to give life. ”


Ouch, I thought, now I’m being corrected. I have no difficulty in speaking with a friend or someone else about my thoughts, opinions, or if a person says or acts in a wrong way I am not afraid to tell them that it’s not good, and show them why I disagree. Even if the person doesn’t like it I will still tell them. Anyone who knows me will say that I am this way.

But that day I realized that I feared the unknown. I realized that I couldn’t express what God gave me in public. I felt like such a coward. I felt trapped by this FEAR of not knowing how to express myself or worrying my words didn’t come right.

I even tried to justify myself thinking, “It’s better to be silent than your words to come out not making sense.”

But you know, that day I didn’t pray, I just decided to change and not become trapped in this fear of speaking in public.

Since then I’ve been working on this, I don’t care what others will think, or if my voice is too thin, or if my words come out wrong, I will just open my mouth so God can speak through it and that is it.

I thank God and these article because I have seen progress, might be small, but I am going forward. I know I still have a long way to go, but I have an indisputable assurance that I’ll will become one with Him.

They are worth reading. It is worth stopping everything to pay attention, and learning how to look inside our self and finding the error and changing.

Thanks Vivi for allowing God to use you.


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  1. I also have this problem sometimes I’m afraid to express myself afraid of being misunderstood that’s why I rather chose to keep quite than to speak.But thanks God and to all the blogs of the Universal it’s motivate me everyday.
    Honestly is not easy,it’s a battle inside of me that I need to overcome.

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