Experience: How can you have God’s identity?

Viviane Freitas

  • 5
  • Feb
  • 2015

Experience : How can you have God’s identity?

  • 5
  • Feb
  • 2015

Dear readers, after reading your comments I noticed you have many doubts, I could see many of you do not thirst for God yet. Many do not know how to please Him, and do not understand how to serve Him with their lives. 

Some of you are hurting because of this. You desire a relationship with Him, but at the same time you just can’t seem to get there.

This week someone asked me, Sara, how can I posses God’s identity?

Now, to be like someone you have to either know or be related to them.

Anyone who has seen me next to my father while he was still alive would say right away that we were identical, even without them knowing he was my father. We had the same skin color, the same hair, the same small eyes… we didn’t even have to say that we were father and daughter, but an interesting detail was that we were completely different from one another.

I married at a very young age, and soon after I moved to another country so because of this I am not like my father. I am like the people I have been surrounded with and have added to my life along all these years.
People I met, admired, and began to imitate the good characteristics I saw in them.

Now, going back to the question at hand, how can I have God’s identity? 

I ask you, do you know Him?

Are you interested in who He is?

Have you sought to imitate Him?

And the main question: is He your Father?

How can you know someone if you don’t take any interest in getting to know that person, can that be possible? Of course not!

You know, I began to want to know God when one day I noticed that no one around me was capable of loving me for who I was. People wanted me to change, and surpass their expectations so that I could please them. When I discovered that I felt so alone, unworthy, like no matter what I did would ever be good enough.

At that moment I ran to God, I told Him how I saw myself and how small I felt, and that I didn’t have anything to offer Him except for my filthy life (excuse the expression) and can you believe that He didn’t reject me? Can you believe someone like Him accepted me although I had nothing to offer except my problems, complexes, failures and insecurities? Someone like Him took interest in me!!!

How could I not want to know more about Him, how could I not want to get to know His characteristics. It was impossible not to desire to belong to Him. I’m not just talking about imitating Him, but also having Him inside of me, guiding me, and taking part of my life.

Maybe you are interested or even know many things or people in this world, but what have they given to you in return? Who or what took away that emptiness you have inside, made sense of your life, and never disappointed you?

I understood one thing, dear friend, in order to have God’s identity I had to give up my own identity. This doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t have a personality anymore. No!

Instead, we have to let go of all bad feelings, negative thoughts, whatever is suffocating us so that God can enter and take action in our lives, and give us His characteristics.

God is not negative, pessimistic, shy, unhappy, insecure, proud, selfish, unbalanced, jealous, possessive, lazy, or limited…

You might even have identified yourself with many of these characteristics, therefore is it or is it not worth it to let go of your hurt and broken identity and seek to be just like Him?

Today is the last Saturday of January, 2015 and time is going by fast, but this year you can make it the year of your Life if you stop and decide to exchange everything you have lived for, for a life with God!

I’ll look forward to your comments, what did you do after you read this Post?

Until Saturday girls, Hugs!

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6 comentários

  1. Hi Mrs Viviane I am gonna be honest I cried reading this post for a long time I felt as though no one understood what I was going through but it all makes sense now everyone I know has an expectation of me but I am not reaching those expectations and it’s killing me inside I see myself as a disappointment a nobody I have never felts so alone and vulnerable as I do right now a lot of the time I just wanna be on my own it’s hard to see surrounded by people who are laughing and are genuinely happy when all I can feel inside is pain and loneliness but I going to take your advice and let go I have been struggling to let go of the past for such a long time and to ask God for help but this post has helped me understand that it what has to be done for my life to change. Thank you Mrs Viviane for this post.

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  2. Thank you so much… This has changed my life and my relationship with God forever!!

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  3. Oh my, this has really opened my eyes. How can we be like someone if we don’t spend time with that person? The more time we spend with God, the more I know about Him, and the more I become like Him.

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  4. This is very true. How can we want to be someone we have not taken an interest of or truly tried to imitate? I have had a title for 4 years as an Assistant. I converted at 14, but ,in time this year, I became sincere with myself: have I truly been born of God? I began to have so many doubts and I didn’t want to realize it, but I was not born of God. I changed so much but i was still empty inside and I didn’t know Him. I love helping others but I still felt bad during strong prayers. I didn’t live in sin, but I felt like something was missing. I went to talk to Pastor last month and manifested and I was honest with him and told him how I was doing and all. Now I am on a new journey I am delivered and looking for my Father, and my real encounter with God. Through this blog I have been growing a lot. And it is not easy many ppl talk, and an its an overwhelming feeling of not getting thee, but by Faith i will conquer and be of God and not just do but BE. Thank you for everything May God continue working and blessing you all.

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  5. I can actually relate to this post it brings me back to when I sought to have my encounter with God: to receive his spirit. I was just like you said, I did everything to meet people’s expectations: the pastor’s, their wife’s, my leaders, the assistants, and my friends in the faith. Yet that didn’t stop the void that I felt inside nor did it change the fact that I didn’t know Him personally. It was until one day I got fed up, it was then that my thirst was so real, greater than anything else that I gave up everything to be just like Him. Many people didn’t believe in men actually but I wanted God so much that it didn’t stop me nor bother me anymore. I asked God I wanted to be just like Him, I didn’t want to hear about Him anymore, I wanted Him to be my father I wanted to be His daughter; have his heart, character, thoughts, everything. To be a true servant, nothing else mattered anymore expect having Him in me…and that’s how after being in the church for 5 years I finally received the holy spirit, I finally knew Him. He transformed everything, I wasn’t the same anymore.

    And now that read this blog it still relates to me because I can never have enough of being like God, I can always improve, I can always be molded even more for I’m not perfect, and most importantly I saw how important it is to always be imitators of God because like that we’ll maintain ourselves in the first love.

    Thank you Mrs. Sara for sharing,
    God bless!

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  6. Wow Mrs Sarah this is powerful.Thats me thats how i sought God.After realizing that the only person i could please was Him.One of His identities,He does not live to please anyone.

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