Experience: Facing my biggest fear

Viviane Freitas

  • 20
  • Dec
  • 2014

Experience : Facing my biggest fear

  • 20
  • Dec
  • 2014

Hello dear cybernauts, well now that I received the “YES” from God everything is already solved, right?

– None of that!!!

It is necessary to prove what we have learned, and come out of the conscience into the PRACTICE, so then you already know… there comes the test, get ready.

But before I start to talk about the test, many of you have told me here in the comments, that you admire my strength, and you do not see yourself able to take the actions that I have taken, and so I ask you: What is the difference between you and me?

I answer: – None.

If I did it and I’m able to do it, you can too, but until you do not step up to the challenge with revolt against the kind of offering that you have presented to God, you are going to stay watching the time go by and feeling frustrated with your own life. It was exactly like that how I lived for 10 years; admiring the women who stood out, those that were bold in faith and won souls, I was aware that I needed to do something, but there was no action. I did not provoke the Word of God to be alive in my life.

If you tell me that you cannot, I tell you: EVERYTHING is possible to him who believes! Now, it’s not magic, it is necessary to go to the fight. The problem is that we often seek answers in people in order to change our life, when in fact the answer is within us; in believing in the Word of God and demanding, through our attitudes of faith, that there be results.

Well, now let’s get to it. If you’ve been following the posts, you’ve realized that I started to bring about the change from the inside out, and now? Now, it’s time to start externalizing this change … After entering Godllywood, I started to work with a group of women right away, and started the Rush for the V- Woman, I interviewed, I followed the tasks, I attended each one of them, I even got to do their graduation… so far so good.

The V-Woman book arrived in Portugal, and we would make the launch for more than 2,000 women; and then I was invited to present alongside Viviane Freitas this great event. At the time I received the invitation, my legs got frozen; how was I, to be beside her, and speaking in public for so many people?!

I felt like running to ask them to put someone else in my place, my heart just raced thinking that the day was near. Yeah, that’s exactly what you are reading or you think that just because we overcame something, thoughts or feelings are not going to come knocking at our door? On the contrary, they knock harder with force, but I decided to dominate them, and through my belief in God, I let Him use me on that great day.

Minutes before the event started, that thing had not passed yet, it seemed like a torment, the people who were close to me would say, “everything will be all right, stay calm! You think that helped in anything? No!!!
I was the one who had to believe that everything would work out.

And then and there I talked to God, a quick prayer: “My God, I did not ask to be here, but the Lord chose me, and I will not say no, I want You to use me, and all that nervousness and insecurity, go to hell, NOW!

I came out of there and went straight to the altar, but when I entered the room and saw the people, I was taken by a peace; He showed me that I had something to give to them because I was depending on Him, and not on me. And I ask you, have you ever seen God fail?

He surprised me that day! My biggest fear, in front of my belief, was reduced to nothing.

I have narrated in detail my trajectory, not so that you stay contemplating it, but for you to see that through practice it is possible to revolutionize our own lives.

Next week, I’ll talk about something that affects 99% of women, what could it be? Do not miss it…

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2 comentários

  1. Nice!
    It’s so easy to say something but so, so hard to put into practice. I believe that I’ll make it!

    Thanks for sharing your experience

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  2. Amen Mrs. Sara,
    It sure is amazing to depend on God. He takes care of everything.

    Thank you for the reminder.

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