21 days Fast – Day 15

Viviane Freitas

  • 12
  • Feb
  • 2013

21 days Fast – Day 15

  • 12
  • Feb
  • 2013

The just

Hello everyone, today is already the 15th day of the fast of Daniel. Many people are being baptized with the Holy Spirit and others are being revived. If you have not yet been baptized or revived, then you must still be holding something back.

Let’s read about something that drew my attention:

““For yet a little while, and He who is coming will come and will not tarry. Now the just shall live by faith… “
( Hebrews 10:37,38 )

The Lord Jesus is soon coming for His Church, but who are considered just before God? Who are the ones who please God?

It isn’t those who are perfect because no one is perfect, but it is those who lives by faith. These are considered just before God!

When we live by faith it is not based on emotions, it is when we live totally dependent of Him. That is when we are considered just and truthful.

Imagine, if you only lived based on your emotions, you will not believe!

You will not show your belief, obedience, submission or care for the Words of the Lord Jesus. You will only show a religious faith by going to Church, praying , giving your tithes and offerings. But when you face certain circumstances and obstacles out there you use your emotions and not your faith.

Even if we are subjected to our feelings, when we are in the faith we remain vigilant. This is the reason why “the just shall live by faith” and not worried or based on feelings or circumstances.

When we are truthful and sincere we will be at peace and will be sure of our future. We will not be uncertain or have any doubt that God will provide whatever we need.

But if you have any doubts, then that is a sign that you have not yet surrendered yourself completely.

When we live by faith we do not have a safety net and we do not try to control everything . When we live by faith we are like the wind -where ever God sends you – you will obey.

Sometimes you even find difficulties along the way, but these won’t take your peace. You might even at the time be affected by it through fear or doubt. But when we are just before God we draw close to Him, remove those feelings through our faith and belief. This is how we live by faith!

And you, friend, that is in this same spirit -to live by faith – your life will never be the same. You will no longer have a religious life, talk the same way, or live the same way. No! You will become someone new. When we speak on the subject of revival, it reminds me of someone I personally know, my dad! He is 68, but his spirit never gives up. Even though he has passed through deep waters, he is always revived.

I once told some people that the Holy Spirit is young . Why? Because he does not live in the past.

You know when there is nothing new, nothing new to talk about? You just repeat words, often of things you have learned, but never practiced. This is because you have not been revived.

When there is this revival, your spirit becomes young. Always willing to experience something new with God .

I thank God for being a part of the Universal Church, for it is led by the Holy Spirit. And He uses Bishop Macedo, even though he is 68 years old, to transmit this spirit. Unlike many people who have been in the Church for many years, whose spirit is afflicted, because they have not been revived.

The Holy Spirit is not repetitive, He gives us a new life. I’m also telling you this because it is what happens to me, every year something new happens.

I do not mean by this that you will add new words to your vocabulary. No! I say it in a sense that you will have a new life, a new life within you because of the experiences you have had using your faith and remaining firm.

The circumstances and difficult times don’t matter anymore, they will not weaken you by making you into a bitter, malicious, or sentimental person.

The Holy Spirit will make you look at those who harm you with good eyes. Your life is in God’s hands, therefore you remains at peace, with a clear conscience as to what you did or said because you live by faith.

Even though we face difficulties, they make us draw near to God and depend on Him. Those who do this are considered just. God did not say that the just are perfect and will not commit a sin. He said that the just live by faith!

We will end here. See you tomorrow!

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