Day 15 – Certainty and Conviction

Viviane Freitas

  • 12
  • Feb
  • 2015

Day 15 – Certainty and Conviction

  • 12
  • Feb
  • 2015

Hello to all the cybernaut users. Today is the 15th day of the fast.

And maybe you are currently saying… don’t even say that Viviane: “We are already on the 15th day and I still haven’t been baptized with the Holy Spirit, I am full of problems and don’t see a solution…”

– “Hush … hush…!!! Stop that, stop that feeling!! What we most speak about in this blog is against that feeling, and today’s topic is here to give you an answer, to help you solve that problem.”

Today’s topic is: “Certainty and conviction.” Follow along in Hebrews 11.1:

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the evidence of facts which are not seen.”

My friend, you are saying that you are doing everything or you are saying that everything is missing…but “Why?” Because your certainty is the certainty of the doubt and not the certainty of what you are awaiting.

In your head, you are allowing that all the circumstances that you have experienced, the days that have passed make you not expecting the best. You are looking not towards what you are awaiting but towards the past, that is, at the people who’ve already received. Instead of solving your own problem and moving on, you are attentive to others; the past, and the circumstances of what you did or did not do—you condemn yourself for it.

You say you are doing the Fast … But you are not! Maybe you ask yourself, “How am I not doing the Fast? If I am listening to the audios and they are helping me…” I do not want them to help you, I want the audios to revolutionize your life!

Why do you think I’m here? To speak about God like a believer, that speaks about God and only passes information…Negative!!!

Pay close attention to what I have to say:

What I’m saying to you here are not just simple words that are written in the Bible and that happened in the past, but of things that have already happened and are happening to me…

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for…”

It’s what happened and are happening with me. When you believe, when you have assurance, is when you don’t have doubt, so there is no disbelief.

You’ve already passed through so much suffering, you’ve already suffered so much with your doubts…look at yourself, your condition, look at your life…And you keep on waiting or feeling less, feeling the worst of the creatures. For the love of God!! … Your feeling of inferiority and the wrong attitudes that you insist on staying in…doesn’t help, nor does condemning yourself. It helps when you change and leave the error. When you do this, it is because you are sure of what you are doing and know what awaits you. But when you haven’t taken this initiative, to solve what needs to be solved, it’s because you’re unsure of what is expected.

That is why faith is beautiful…

You could have the worst past, have lived the worst moments of your life, but faith does not bring insecurity, it brings answers, peace, strength for you to face things …It’s not a feeling!

You may ask: “Viviane, but how can I take out that feeling?” I know my friend that it’s hard because emotions insist on staying because they have its reasons to stay. But when I prioritize to obey and believe what is written, on what God has promised me, on what I have to do…then I obey and practice without fear, without looking at others.

Faith is assurance of things hoped for…ASSURANCE!!!
– Assurance is not doubt;
– Assurance is not agony;
– Assurance is not to murmur;
– Assurance is not speaking badly about yourself
-Assurance is not looking back and murmuring…

– Assurance is waiting for what will happen to you!

When you are sure of what you want and what you planned for your life, than you solve the problem that you have experienced, that is, you cut the evil by the roots.

If you feel something, you have to talk to yourself and say, “I will not feel, I’m not going to feel”. What I want is what will prevail…It’s everything that it’s in my mind that will prevail.
How? Whatever I put in my mind…so I say, “I’m not going to doubt, I’m not going to forget that, I’m not going to give up, I’m not going to run away…I’m going to confront!” So I correct myself wherever I’m making a mistake—that is what it means to act, to have assurance of what you are awaiting. If you correct yourself, it’s because you have assurance.

The intelligent faith, makes you use positive words, have the strength to face challenges, change what needs to be changed, to observe, to learn, to submit to any new situation, … whatever.

If I have the conviction of things I’m not seeing, how do you think my face will be like? “Sad, worried or crying?” Do you think I will make that emotional prayer without definition? The proof of a prayer based on emotions is that I came in sad, and left sad.

Act your faith…you have it!

The problems that you are encountering right now are not to destroy you, but to learn how to use this faith. You know what’s going to happen? When you learn how to use that faith, you will use it more and more, and you will identify what makes you be a “slave” and consequently will bless others, because you will not only pronounce the word of God but begin living the Word of God.

Leave your comments. Write what you are sure will happen …Say, “I was acting like this, but today it’s determine that….”

Put reminders in the bathroom, in the kitchen, wherever you are … so you can remember to write what you have to say.

You must be determined, stop looking back…put reminders so that you can understand that—who has to predominate in your life is the intelligent faith and not emotion…throw that out now, NOW!!

A big hug and see you tomorrow!

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  5. Ms. Viviane, I was acting emotional when I got in trouble or made a mistake. I would pray, telling God how frustrated I was with myself and would leave the prayer simply just feeling more frustrated. Today I will not continue this way. Yes, I did some very stupid things. I made mistakes that frustrate me, but I will not dwell on it or keep this bad feelings. I learned from this, and now trust God to fix my mistakes and persist to change and improve myself!

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