Cláudia Boeno

  • 27
  • Apr
  • 2015

Beauty : ME, POWERFUL?

  • 27
  • Apr
  • 2015

Yessss!! Of course you!

You’re a powerful woman. I don’t mean physically nor in terms of appearance, but inwardly.

And on this topic, today I will speak a little bit about the “Woman’s Day” event, which was held in Portugal, Lisbon and the speaker, Bishop Julio Freitas, commented on the 7 powers WOMEN have which are:

– The power of communication;

– Sincerity;

– Perseverance;

– Fidelity;

– Humility;

– The strength to sacrifice for everything and everyone;

– Organization.

Note friend, how many powers we women have to our advantage and therefore be well used.

If a woman is beautiful and well dressed on the outside, but false and sad on the inside, she is not powerful, and the same goes if a woman is humble and courageous with a dull, colorless and sloppy appearance.

 In the pictures below, you can see some “looks” of beautiful women who participated in this event that made a difference in the lives of everyone present. Correction women and men, that was present since men also participated and also made their contribution in the event.

 Know that the number one enemy, the thing that neutralizes these powers in women is their emotions, which makes you see only your faults and makes you compare yourself to other women.

Do not compare yourself to others, because you are unique!

Notice dear friends, how a t-shirt looks beautiful with the right complement.

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  1. Q maravilhosa postagem!

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  2. Reading this message has teach me that when my mind is clean my heart is also clean hence I will have God’s beauty.

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