Beauty: Gala Hairstyles

Viviane Freitas

  • 23
  • Dec
  • 2014

Beauty : Gala Hairstyles

  • 23
  • Dec
  • 2014

Hello beautiful girls,

This month of December, in many places of the world, we had the Godllywood Retrospective.

Here in Lisbon, Portugal, it will be on Saturday the 27th. It’s a must go! So, many girls asked me for hairstyle ideas and I remembered that always near the time of events like this, Viviane tells us to be meticulously with the hairstyles “in the front”. And why? Because in the pictures it is your face that appears, the photographer will not take pictures from behind. And so, there is that beautiful hair in the back for others to see but then in the pictures none of it appears.

And nothing too proper or hair glued to the head, you have to have volume, “people”!

For those who like braids, you can see that it goes to the side or if it goes towards the back, the fringe increases in volume.


The bun is classic but even it is modern, with volume and a fringe that is side-swept.



For afro-textured hair, curls should be well defined and you can have it straightened.



 Short hair is also beautiful with accessories and movement.


These tips are not only for the Retrospective, but also for any event that asks you for an extra whim, like for now at the end of the year, where there are many graduations and company cocktails. Get inspired my friend!



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