Beauty: Accessories: Learn how to use them to your advantage!

Viviane Freitas

  • 16
  • Dec
  • 2014

Beauty : Accessories

  • 16
  • Dec
  • 2014

Hello everyone, this post might seem a bit long, but it’s filled with valuable tips for any woman who wants to be happy with herself.

Accessories not only make any outfit look nicer, but it also enhances your beauty. Be careful though because if you don’t pick out the right ones they can expose your weaknesses or whatever it is you are trying to hide.

Here are a few tips for you to enhance your beauty with the right accessories:

If you have a short and wide neck, forget about wearing chokers and tight necklaces, opt for longer ones. If you’re using scarves leave them looser to expose your neck a little more.


For those with bulky arms, use a ring instead of bracelets, but, if you really like to wear bracelets a lot and can’t stop wearing them, then opt for looser ones rather than tight ones.

If you have more volume in the belly area, avoid belts because they give volume and form a horizontal line that gives amplitude and further highlights that area. Replace belts with a long necklace, which elongates your silhouette.


For those women who are really short be careful with the very large and bulky accessories, they will make you look even shorter. Opt for smaller necklaces without many layers and also medium size ones are a great option. Long necklaces, which make a vertical line, are an excellent choice too.

For those who are very thin, go for for wider belts, avoid thin necklaces, try to use ones with more volume they will harmonize your look.


If your shoulders are broad avoid necklaces that are at their same level, opt for ones that are longer, however if you have narrow shoulders use necklaces that are at the same level.

Earrings can also harmonize your face.

If you have a round face choose long and narrow earrings, avoid round earrings. If your face is long and thin a little volume without exaggeration so that your face doesn’t get lost in them is good, also stud earrings are a great option.

A good tip for those with mature skin is to use earrings with sparkles; they brighten the face.

Accessories must match your body type, if you are tall, then use medium to large accessories. If you are average height, large and heavy earrings and necklaces can make you disappear so use medium size accessories.

Your accessories should match your style, try out new combinations, look in the mirror and make your strengths stand out; you should feel good in them. Do not be afraid to use accessories because they enhance your look.
These are a few tips, but what will tell you if they look good on you or not is the mirror and common sense, isn’t that right girls?



If you bought several necklaces and earrings that you don’t know how to use, here goes a tip: Place your outfit on your bed, lay out the clothes you are going to use, for example: a skirt and blouse, put the shoes and the bag on the side and add the necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets or whatever you want to use. Put together a few looks this way and then try them on, if you want make new combinations.

Take a day to try your clothes on together with the accessories, that way you will know what goes together well for your daily outfit. You will have a complete and more beautiful look to choose from.

This will certainly make your day much better because when we feel good about ourselves everything flows much better.

Enjoy and when you are trying out your outfits and see pieces that don’t fit or no longer use then, give them away. Taking care of your clothes, organizing your closet, and separating your accessories is also a way to take care of yourself.

Kisses to all

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