Assistants who see many things…

Viviane Freitas

  • 15
  • Aug
  • 2013

Assistants who see many things…

  • 15
  • Aug
  • 2013

Seeing many things, but you do not observe…” Isaiah 42:20

There is a big difference between seeing and observing.

When you just see you’re simply using one of your senses: vision. It’s something that comes naturally to any human being. But when you observe, it’s something much deeper.
Unfortunately, I have noticed many Assistants lacking this, even amongst some who are frequently in the church and attend almost every meeting, in other words they “see many things.”

When I asked some of them about what they understood of the word that was given on a certain day they couldn’t answer me, and some couldn’t even remember what was spoken that day, much less understand what God intended to speak to them. This is serious! As time goes by, the Assistants become more like “robots” and participate in meetings in a systematic way.

Many even think to themselves:

I’ve heard this passage so many times; it’s not meant for me. Or some because it became only a routine end up giving the message they heard to someone they counsel, or to someone they think need it. They never consider that the Word given was for them because they think they don’t need it.

Dear Assistants, God doesn’t want you to become superficial. If you’re the type of Assistant that is only “seeing” but not practicing the Word of God and submitting yourself to Him, you won’t be able to transmit life to others. But the worst thing is that you’ll be the type of Assistant that’s always complaining and muttering that you don’t see any fruits in your life, etc.
When searching for the meaning of the verb to observe in the Priberam Dictionary of the Portuguese Language I found:
· Watching atentatively;
· Examine;
· Consider, Ponder;
· Obey;
· keep;
· Comply faithfully;
There is no need to give a big explanation on this!

Let us be abundant in the Work of God; let’s be profound observers, watchful, examining deeply, always pondering, and being obedient. But above all, Assistants, let’s keep ourselves faithful to truth and justice.

May God look at each one of us and say the opposite: “You don’t see many things, but you observe”

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4 comentários

  1. Hello Mrs. Luisa,
    It is an eye opener for me.
    It is profound.
    Thank you.

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  2. Thank you, as assistant we have a big responsibility and we cannot afford not to be diligent

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  3. This is just rude awakening of faith, after sometime, in the church you can easily lose focus and become a ROBOT.

    This has made me think that I have been living by flesh using my own strength. I have forgotten that I need to seek for help spiritually.

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  4. this article is very helpful, what i took out from it, is not to see myself as just as assistant, but as a soul as well, who needs help from God, therefore is hould participate in every meeting as if its my first time coming to the church, paying attention and observing everything and appying it in my life. i dont want to be that assistant who knows it all and do things as a routine, just reading this message really awakens me inside, sometimes as assistants we tend to hide inside our uniforms as if the uniform would help us in any way.
    thanks for sharing.

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