Assistants and Trust!

Viviane Freitas

  • 6
  • Nov
  • 2014

Assistants and Trust!

  • 6
  • Nov
  • 2014

Today’s article will serve, like all others, to make a deep reflection.

This time it is in relation to our TRUST in God.

What is the true meaning of trust in God?

Many, when asked if they trust in God unhesitatingly say with great assurance: “I trust in God.” However, when faced with the adversities of life, the struggles, and losses that arise they show with their actions and within themselves that this trust is not so real, that the words they have spoken were only words.

Unfortunately we have seen many assistants who have abandoned the faith. All because this trust was only in their conscious, it was only words and thoughts. They believed they trusted God, but when faced with the difficulties, with the problems, they showed the true level of trust they had in God.

Many, when they go through difficult times and don’t feel valued or understood, let themselves be led by the voice of the heart which tells them it is an injustice, they are not wanted and have no one to support them.

Where was the trust in God at those moments?
Is it God’s fault or does He deserve to be abandoned?
Does He not know what He does?
Why would He permit such events to arise in our path of faith?

This is exactly where it becomes clear where our level of Trust is!

We show confidence in God through our daily activities, and it must be constantly maintained and analyzed so it doesn’t become mere words, but shows our surrender! True Confidence makes us see God in everything, it gives us assurance and certainty that all things work for our good, and that He knows very well what He does!

So, if you go through some difficult times in your life, similar to what I mentioned above or any other, if you don’t see a way out and don’t understand why you are going through it, understand that God knows what He does and that nothing happens by chance. Only TRUST and have assurance.

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  1. We have to analyze daily if we are really trusting in God.

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