Assistants and their love life

Viviane Freitas

  • 16
  • Nov
  • 2013

Assistants and their love life

  • 16
  • Nov
  • 2013

A person’s sentimental life is such a delicate subject that deserves our outmost attention.

I’ve seen how many assistants have let themselves be lead, silently, by this deceitful feeling that can make them think they’re always correct.

I always try to share my bitter experiences when I was a single assistant because I know very well how a young woman’s imagination is very fertile in that sense and vulnerable to passion.

Today I will tell you, my dear friends, who follow me every Thursday, the process I went through in my sentimental life. My intention is to open your eyes and for you to avoid being deceived by your own heart.

In the past, even before knowing God, I was always a failure in my love life. I had many heartbreaks that made me lose my self -esteem, which led to many deceptions. I was a true puppet of my passions. After I gave myself to God, I was able to overcome all of that and my love life was wasn’t on my list of priorities anymore. But like any other youth I had dreams of being happy with someone and now that person had to be a servant of God, because inside me there was a calling to serve Him on the altar.

About 20 years ago, there weren’t so many teachings and preparation like there is today. We had to seek direction from the Holy Spirit. I was an ambitious young woman with many dreams to serve God, but at the same time, unbalanced, in regard to the fantasies I created in my head. This happens to all young people and can become very harmful if we don’t know how to dominate them. It can even destroy you by letting them wander in your head and make you get carried away with what you feel. Worst of all it can make you be precipitated in the decisions you make.

For some years I liked an assistant and started to make my own movie inside my head about how my life would be at his side. I lived this “imaginary” love with great intensity. I prayed to God to give me signs and for a while it seemed as though He did, except that, I had many doubts and the guy never confirmed the same feelings towards me. On the day I found out he liked another assistant, my dreams were crushed and I suffered a lot. The pain was immense. But I realized I wasted so much time feeding this “crush” and I remember like it was yesterday, I was so angry and in one of my conversations with God I was very deep and sincere. I didn’t pray like I usually did according to my will, but I cried out for help. I told Him:

“God, I’m not a temple of deceit or of doubts. No! I am the temple of your Spirit, so I can not allow myself to be deceived”

After that simple yet direct, sincere conversation with God I got rid off my feelings and began to be more careful with the choices I made. My mind began to open up to the reality that while I had my idea fixed on that assistant I wasn’t able to see that there really wasn’t any kind of compatibility between us.

Then, you know what happened. God honored me because I knew what I wanted and began to fight for my love life with intelligence and not in any way. It’s like I’ve seen many assistants say, “My love life is in the hands of God!” The truth is that it’s not that way, it is in your hands, and you make your choices. It’s up to you to make yourself worthy.

Where do I want to go with today’s article?

1 – Whether this is your case or not have a sincere conversation with God. Protect your salvation and don’t let yourself be deceived by your feelings. There are many who have even stopped being assistants because they didn’t protect themselves in this area.
2 – Consider whether both of you are compatible, in your age, race, culture, faith, and in your objectives. Many suffer because these differences are too big.

Our concern is for you to keep your faith above all, and fight to maintain your salvation. Stay smart and don’t let your sentimental life to chance.

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  1. Thank you, for many years l was avictim of crush.
    Since I realised the deciete of the heart,l became free though I waisted time,l trust that God will provide the right partner, not my will.
    Since I learnt to be transparent,it becomes easier to trust God,exiety disappeared.God will never forget His child, that is what is written.
    I thank God for the change that is in my mind.

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  2. Thank you for the article. I learned a great lesson from this.

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