Assistant, what path have your feet taken?

Viviane Freitas

  • 26
  • Dec
  • 2013

Assistant, what path have your feet taken?

  • 26
  • Dec
  • 2013

Proverbs 6:16-19

” These six things the Lord hates,
Yes, seven are an abomination to Him: A proud look,
A lying tongue,
Hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans,
Feet that are swift in running to evil, a false witness who speaks lies,
and one who sows discord among brethren.”

Once again we will abroad another example of something that God truly abhors: Feet that are swift in running to evil.

Let us consider the following: Feet can’t walk alone. They need a direct order from the brain. So, what does He mean when He talks about feet that is swift to run to evil? It in fact means the path we choose to follow which is a result of our own selfish choices.

Note that both the swift and running refer to being in a rush, anxiety, indicates a lack of balance in your actions and even worst when they are directed towards evil. It makes you think, doesn’t it?

But, when is it that we run towards evil?

I would like to emphasize that this evil may be linked to your own will, self-interest. Have you ever meet a person who does everything and whatever it takes to achieve a good image in front of everyone.

You may even be a very skilled assistant, a hard-worker who is always quick to do all that is asked, but if your feet are quick to run to do your own will, just to be well seen by the pastor, then you will be displeasing God.

Check other situations in which feet are swift in running to evil:

– When you are counseling someone and you’re not giving them the due attention. The person is talking to you about their problems and your head is elsewhere, seeking your own selfish needs.
– When you want to know something that has nothing to do with you, and you do everything to try and figure out what ‘s going on. For example: If a fellow assistant is talking to the pastor you want to know why. You’re curious, eager to know about everything around you.
– When you follow the desires of your flesh, and not the direction of God.
– When you get tired of being in church so long.
– When your focus shifts from the altar, departing from the daily sacrifice of a righteous conduct.

After giving the example above, I ask:

– What path have your spiritual feet taken?

If by chance you’ve found that you have these “feet” , then start from now to change direction and be careful not to fall into that “slippery ” pat which is your own will.

Leave your comments because they are very important.

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3 comentários

  1. I have fallen but I will be able to pick myself back up again.

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  2. Thank you for this. The meditation is so deep that although it talks about our feet walking into the path of evil, in fact it’s our mind, as you mentioned that the feet can’t move alone. So the moment I’m heading In the wrong direction, it’s because I’m not being connected to God who directs my thoughts, ideas, mind etc and as a result directs my path. It all starts in the mind. So I need to make my mind strong, not weak in order to follow the path of righteousness, the path of God.

    God bless you and continue to use you more and more.

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  3. Oh wow that is so true, I will not pretend I have fallen into this trap. And truly God is not please when we do such thing. I definitely will take this and keep within me. Thank you.

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