Assistant that doesn´t support the trials!

Luisa Teixeira

  • 13
  • Aug
  • 2015

Assistant that doesn´t support the trials!

  • 13
  • Aug
  • 2015

“Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him.”    (James 1:12)

During our stay here on earth, we pass through several tests. In fact, our life is made up of tests in all areas. Either we are approved or we fail, and only those who SUPPORT trials, will be the ones that receive the Crown of Life.

However, many instead of supporting, are RESISTANT to the tests.

What do you mean? What is the difference?

There´s actually an abysmal gap between SUPPORTING AND RESISTING, and it´s regarding this difference that we will disentangle below:

Assistant that SUPPORTS the trials:

  1. She takes advantage of the trials to become closer to God;
  2. She depends solely on Him;
  3. She SACRIFICES more;
  4. She fights with more strength for the souls;
  5. She goes through the pain with humility;
  6. She only sees the opportunity to become molded for God.

Assistant that RESISTS the trials:

  1. She sees the trial as an injustice;
  2. She just murmurs and complains;
  3. She becomes distant from God;
  4. She depends on the comfort and consoling words of third parties;
  5. She becomes aggressive and arrogant;
  6. She doesn´t have heart to attend the people and neither to fight for them;
  7. She sees everything with bad eyes.

Given the above, it’s necessary to analyze who you truly have been in the face of trials. That’s why many when they pass through trials, stay sad and slaughtered because they are not willing to pay the price to achieve the Crown of Life … they want to live their lives at ease, in their own way, forgetting that the path that leads us to salvation is narrow and tight.

If you have detected that you have been RESISTANT, then reverse your story and pay the fair PRICE to receive the Crown of Life, which God has promised to those who love Him. And that love is indeed to SUPPORT!!!

What do you have to say about today’s article? What is your position?

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  1. It is true that when we pass through tough times it is not easy but if we remember that God is with us then we know that they will pass, we can look at it as a refining fire and give thanks that with God we will come out better.

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  2. I recently learnt a great lesson about going through testing times and this articles enhances my vision more on this area. What marks me is how it shows that the easiest option to our flesh, which is to resist the trial, is much like the wide gate they leads to distraction. I will certainly remember this in future.

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