Assistant: Assistant with high heels

Viviane Freitas

  • 15
  • Jan
  • 2015

Assistant : Assistant with high heels

  • 15
  • Jan
  • 2015

Who is the assistant with high heels?

– It is the one who knows everything and thinks that she doesn’t need to learn anymore;
– Does everything “right”, because she doesn’t want to be frowned upon before others;
– It is the one that even says yes with her head when rebuked, but within herself she holds a fixed idea that she is right;
– Wants to standout in everything, and only what she does is right;
– Only she knows how to clean, organize and straighten-out;
– Sees defects in everything and everyone but herself;
– Sees herself as the only one with the right to assume responsibility; others do not have the same condition as her;
– Sees herself irreplaceable;
– She cherishes her position the most, that is why she will do anything to achieve her purpose;
– Does everything, even hide the truth in order not to lose her reputation;
– Her goal is to standout and to be praised;
– Ultimately, she lives to be the center of attention and when she is not recognized she gets frustrated.

And to make it even more clear, all this happens without anyone else knowing … even she doesn’t realize her condition, because she is so used to her way that she doesn’t notice it… it is something that is deep within her.

Today’s article for the assistants is one more warning, not to condemn, but to examine yourself and see if you are really not walking in “high heels”, spiritually speaking. If you really identified yourself with what was mentioned above … than STEP DOWN from your HEELS, before it’s too late.

How did you see today’s article? It’s serious, isn’t?

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  1. It really is strong. One really needs to examine own self time ànd again. sometimes we do these thinhs unaware but anl God there are people like you to remind us and enlighten us. Thank you very much

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