An Elite Assistant!

Viviane Freitas

  • 22
  • Aug
  • 2013

An Elite Assistant!

  • 22
  • Aug
  • 2013

Today I want to mention in this space the reason why my writing has been more of an alert or even a rebuke.

The greatest reason for all of this is because your soul is priceless.
For this reason I point out serious topics and I do it with fear, because unfortunately, I know very well what it’s like to live a lukewarm life and not to be waken up to the truth. But when I did, it was as if scales fell from my eyes and I began to see clearly my sad reality.

Sometimes I want to write about other topics like: how an Assistant should dress, or how your behavior should be, and many other topics which are equally as important and of value. But the revolt that I carry within me to see the spiritual need is so great that I can’t remain indifferent. And also because the end is near!

Forgive me, but these articles are for that very reason, to awaken you, to go deep, so that you, Assistant, can discover your true potential.

Let’s be very clear: Assistants are disciples and as such you deserve a more intense care.

Remember how Jesus treated his disciples?

His treated them in a special way, His words were deeper, and His teachings were more intense, because each one of them had a huge responsibility in their hands.

The same happens with the servants of God today, there has to be a greater concern because, after all, our mission is to destroy the works of the devil. And for that, there must be a preparation, a “special training” which requires you to surrender and to completely renounce everything. To be an Elite Assistant!

What does it mean to be an Elite Assistant?

It’s to be able, to be special!
It’s when you’re willing to go through everything and not give up your most precious asset: Your Salvation.
It’s to be dressed with armor so that you don’t give leeway to your evil thoughts or evil eyes. They come it’s inevitable, but you resist them and overcome.
It’s to go against your greatest enemy with all your strength, against your own will!

How do you want to be treated? Like a crystal figurine that is only spoken to with sweet and kind words? Or like an Elite warrior that is spoken with words that separate reason from emotion?

I want you to know that all these posts are written with thought, and for your own good because you are very precious in this Work. So don’t give into superfluous, temporary, or perishable things, but remain in what is sustainable and eternal.


Examine everything you’ve read, think about each word. Try to go to the dictionary and see what the meaning of the word Elite is. But go now don’t leave it for later. It’s very deep!

Did you look it up already? Write your comments because when you write you’re using reason.

A hug,

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  1. “A group of people considered to be the best in a particular society or category, esp. because of their power, talent, or wealth.” This is my desire, to be the best for God!

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  2. I personaly engage myself to be an Elite assistants, I dont want my feelings to be nursed because I also dont nurse them,but I want the Word that will awaken my faith because I know feelings work together with my will,which happens to be my enemy, I love these posts.

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