A Good Diagnosis

Bárbara Filipe

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  • Dec
  • 2015

A Good Diagnosis

  • 2
  • Dec
  • 2015

How many times have you been from doctor to doctor and changed your medication more than once and didn’t get the results you where expecting?

Why? Why do clinic diagnoses weren’t properly done?

Today we will observe some important points for a good clinic diagnoses and how we need to proceed when we stumble upon a health problem.

The first step is verify the symptoms, in other words, pay attention to what provokes the pain of limitation and afterwards, observe what specialty clinic to visit.

Its true that its not always immediately noticeable, what specialty is most adequate; however, there are situations where this observation is simpler. Let us see some examples:

-If we have pain on our teeth or a gum inflammation, it is better to visit a stomatologist;
-If we feel strong pain in our back, we should look for an orthopedist;
-When blemishes, spots, or acne appear in our skin, or signs of increase of size or color, we know that we have to search a dermatologist;
-If sensual colics are very strong and disabling, or the period of the menstrual cycles are altered, we must look for a genealogist;

If the problem is located int the ears, throat, or nose, the right thing is to look for an otolaryngologist.

What if the symptoms are more generalized?
When its more than one part of the body that hurts and we can’t find the origin?

In these cases wombats look for a general doctor, that after his evaluation, he will direct us to the correct speciality.

So, its not only going to the doctor, we need to properly expose the problem, share a little our clinic and genetic background and also indicate allergies or reactions to some medicine that we have knowledge o. Like we explained earlier in the post: “How to enjoy an appointment”.

To further enjoy the appointment, of all the explanation and have gone to the right speciality, in more severe cases and of possible surgeries, it is not prudent to base ourselves out of one doctor. In means, always that a surgery was recommended, as small if ti is, we should look for a second opinion, in more serious cases, a third or fourth opinion always helps.

The important is to be always well understood of what is happening, take the right medication in base of the medical recommendation.

Therefore, you will have a god diagnosis and as consequence the treatment will be effective.

See you soon!

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  1. I learned that I should always try verify the symptoms when ever I am not feeling well before I could go to the doctor

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