4th Day: What is something difficult for you?

Viviane Freitas

  • 23
  • Sep
  • 2015

4th Day : What is something difficult for you?

  • 23
  • Sep
  • 2015

Hello to all cybernauts!

It is a pleasure to be here with you, in these 21 days of Fast. We are going to be speaking about the heart, which is the center of all emotions!

Today we approach the topic: “What is something difficult for you?”

Accompany me in the reading in the book of Proverbs 13:19.

“A desire accomplished is sweet to the soul, but it is an abomination to fools to depart from evil. He who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will be destroyed.” (Proverbs 13: 19-20)

My cybernaut friend, you can tell that people are happy when their desires are met… Like it states here:

“A desire accomplished is sweet to the soul, but it is an abomination to fools to depart from evil.” (Proverbs: 13:19)

You have to make a sacrifice, denying that which does not please God. For the fools, in other words, reckless, with no judgement, those who do not want to “pay a high price”, they do not want to sacrifice… And what happens is they make wrong choice and continue to feed their desires, their own will, and in turn these have distanced them from God and have made them weak.

And it is for such reason that you remain weak, full of doubts, your prayer has no sustenance, it is not sincere, because in reality, deep down under, you don’t want to let go of evil! You please yourself! And that is why you cannot be filled with the Holy Spirit or be used by Him!

In this Fast of 21 days, many people desire to be baptized with the Holy Spirit, but do not always “pay the price” of distancing themselves from everything that makes them weak! Be it the doubts, their reproachable actions, their bad thoughts…

You want to continue with your bad thoughts, and your errors, why? Because you think that if you take that one step to change, of pouring yourself out, you will be shamed and humiliated. So, that means that you are looking at your own “nose”, at your own vanity, to your own pride, and not to what you are actually saying… that you want to be baptized with the Holy Spirit or be renewed! There are many people that say what they want: That they want to be baptized with the Holy Spirit, that they want to be used by God, but they don’t want to stop doing things that are abominable, what is evil, and what is distancing you from God. So there is absolutely no way!

“He who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will be destroyed.” (Proverbs 13:20)

There are people that don’t even want to leave their friendships, they want to continue being friends with “friends” that “pat them” on the head. The Bible says: “He who walks with wise men…” These wise men aren’t the one that are going to support emotion, on the contrary, they are against it!

If you are a fool that like to do your will, what you want, to be bad… In other words, your companions are going to be evil, you’re going to have the same history as they do… they do whatever they want, they don accept anything, they have bad eyes, they have attitudes that displease God. Just like you! Of course, a person only is together with someone they appreciate… If you appreciate what is bad, then your evil path and you want to continue in it, then you’re friendships are going to show that in some respect.

Who are your friends? Who do you ally yourself with?
Who are you close to? Who do you want to be close to? Are you wise? Or a fool?
These friendships are definitely going to speak about your heart!
What do you like to do? Serve God… or serve yourself?

Cybernaut, today is the 4th day of the Fast, and I believe that you have now realized that your heart isn’t as “nice or kind” as you thought…

If today, during the service, you take advantage of what is going on to your heart. Because it is full of “silly” things, how is the Holy Spirit going to reside in it? You have to empty yourself, give yourself completely, be sincere, assume who you are! For you to really receive the Holy Spirit, be just! But if you like injustice, there is no way you can receive justice…

Take advantage of today, a Wednesday, and in the service give yourself to God completely. God makes everything anew!

If you have “old things” in you, that is exactly what you need to give and you trying to keep it…

And you say: “But I don’t know what I need to give…” Look at yourself, at your attitudes, and you will see what is being difficult for you and what you don’t want to give away!

A big hug for you all! Tomorrow we will be back.
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  1. The more i continue to read these post the more i see what is in my heart. And its not preety. But thank you ms. Viviane becuase i would have never seen it.

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  2. and thank you, Mrs Vivi.

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  3. Learnt much from this mistake when I was single, walking with the wrong people (fools), putting up with their filthy ways whilst trying to change them, it’s dangerous as in the process, if we are not strong enough they end up pulling us to their direction. This also puts me on guard against the sweet, seemingly innocent, “christians” who call from time to time to lull me to their world.

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