Youths without limits

Viviane Freitas

  • 25
  • May
  • 2014

Youths without limits

  • 25
  • May
  • 2014

Every day young people seek more freedom especially at home.

Which adolescent likes for his father or mother to call him or her all day long to find out what they are doing?

Parents are becoming more and more liberal usually due to the lack of time because they work all day, or because they try convey the image of being “modern”.
We are not saying that this is completely wrong, we just want to alert you on how much liberty you give to adolescents.

” In fact, today, parents have less time for their children, which leads to guilt. We see these when the father or mother act extremely permissive or too demanding, and when they make the few moments together a moment to demand things form their children.” ” Now people tend to say “no” less and less to their children.”
Parents, sets no limits from childhood to adolescence, then when it becomes a serious problem they want to impose limits.

Another wrong reaction is to think that everything the adolescent does is part of a typical rebellious phase. ” Everyone sees adolescence as a phase and a natural period, hoping that one day it ends and the problems will be resolved.”

You need to be aware of everything that surrounds the adolescent because there are many influences that can make them violent and have other wrong behaviors: ” The group of friends they have and their culture are important as well as how to relate with other people. ”

The most important warning is: Youth, respect the limits of life they will be for your own happiness.

Take a look at the photos below, the before and after of this young woman who was so beautiful and now looks like this. Would you like this for yourself? And you parent would you want this for your child?

If you see signs of this in your child, or classmate or even yourself, youth, seek help seek the Youth Group nearest you and we will be pleased to help.

A hug!


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  1. This is so true Mrs Ruth, even if my parents don’t set limits for me I need to set them for myself because I definetely don’t want to turn out like that. The. Limits I set will enable me to be happy and not live a life full of anger and regret.

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