Youths in the world of crime

Viviane Freitas

  • 9
  • Aug
  • 2013

Youths in the world of crime

  • 9
  • Aug
  • 2013

Last week I was watching a report that caught my attention and made ​​me very angry.

A reporter did a story on young people in prison and showed how they act, what their thoughts were and how they entered the world of drugs and crime.

The reporter asked the first youth how he felt the first time he robbed someone and how it happened.

He said he began robbing grocery stores, and his first real robbery was of 8000.00 in Brazilian currency. He went in, pointed the gun at the man at the cash register and told him to keep quiet.

The man asked the young man to drop his weapon and told him that he didn’t know what he was doing. But at that moment something happened, and without thinking he shot and killed the man.

The reporter then asked how did you feel at that moment? And he replied coldly with a question:

Feeling? I just wanted to run away.

The reporter continued to ask, and then what happened after that?

I went home, I hid the money and my gun, and went to bathe. After, I went to get a haircut, and that’s when the police caught me.
After that, he said he got out of prison and continued to rob and kill; he also started using drugs because he felt the adrenaline.

The life of this young man and many others who were there will only get worse if they don’t seek help to change, they only have two paths left, to continue in prison or end up in the cemetery.

  And you? How are you?

Are you going down the right path or are you entering the wrong path?

Youths, it’s not worth it don’t live just for the moment, without thinking of the consequences.

There is still time to change. If you’re still alive then there is a chance for you, we want to help you. / falecomruthlima

A hug!

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