Youth: Inconsistent Youth

Viviane Freitas

  • 26
  • Jan
  • 2015

Youth : Inconsistent Youth

  • 26
  • Jan
  • 2015

Highs and lows. Today you are motivated; tomorrow you are not in the mood.

Today you believe in the impossible, tomorrow what is easy becomes difficult. This is the reason why we often do not want to commit to something. How will we know if we are going to accomplish it? How will we know if we are going to rise to the challenges, if sometimes we feel so good and others times we feel so helpless? And what if I can’t do it?

If you feel that way then let me make one thing clear: Every human being thinks like that at least once in their lifetime.
That’s because we are human and are subject to emotions.

There are times that I wake up full of energy, motivated, cheerful, very willing to work and be nice, but there are times when I wake up angry simply because I woke up (lol). Sometimes I have my good phases that leave me very happy but I have less than good phases that make me want to stay in my corner. How do you solve this? And if on a day that I need to be feeling good, I’m having a bad day?

I use the faith!
Faith is the assurance of things hoped for and for me to be sure, I have to launch myself and take a step higher than what I apparently can.

Not looking towards “the winds and storms” but moving on towards my goal.
I want to stress here, not looking, doesn’t mean that there are no distractions… there are, but it means that I will not pay attention to them.

Being constant is deciding to, day after day, continue towards your goal.

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2 comentários

  1. This is so true especially with being in school there are time when you definitely don’t want to talk or be in a better mood however you put your faith before your feelings to carry on the day and it makes you feel great because you feel better when you put your emotions aside

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  2. Positivity no matter what also help in maintaing the consistency. Too many times,when we are told about the strength we have,just all possible things we can do,we feel motivated but the moment we pass that,we go back to the negative thoughts that impede us from doing great things.Yes,faith is the way to overcoming all this and that faith is positivity.

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