Who I welcome

Viviane Freitas

  • 14
  • Aug
  • 2015

Who I welcome

  • 14
  • Aug
  • 2015

Hello cybernauts!

It is a pleasure to be here with you.

If it is possible, open your Bible to Hebrews 11.31:

By faith Rahab the prostitute did not perish with those who were disobedient, because she had given a friendly welcome to the spies.

Rahab was a prostitute. This being so, what was her purpose of welcoming the spies as friends? Why? What sense does this phrase make?

When I welcome and protect something/someone I don’t know, and that threatens and puts my life in danger… what makes you do that? It is because there exists faith!! There is faith somewhere inside…

And Rahab, when she welcomed the spies in friendship, for certain she was waiting for some moment, some opportunity. It was not an accident that they met… Rahab and the spies did not meet incidentally. It was because God knew what was inside Rahab. He knew was going on in her interior.

The Bible doesn’t mention anything about Rahab before she welcomed the spies. About who she was, if she was raised with the Hebrew people or not… but everyone during that time knew about the people of Israel. They made human history in that era, because God took the people from Egypt. Imagine you knowing that millions of people were “uprooted” from that city… you would certainly know! In the Bible we can verify that there were people that always escaped during some war, some battle, and recounted to the king or “so and so” what happened.

So this harlot, Rahab, certainly knew of the Hebrew people: of what God did with the people of Israel. And when she welcomed the spies with friendship, it was because she believed in God. She just wanted an opportunity and for certain was just waiting for that opportunity. And when that city was destroyed (the walls of Jericho), Rahab and her family were not destroyed because of her faith.

Cybernaut, you that Faith is the certainty of things that will happen and the conviction of facts unseen. When she gave the spies a friendly welcome, she had the absolute certainty that what she was doing was not a risk but an opportunity for the God of the spies! Who were, in this case, Hebrews, the Jews that left Egypt and made human history. Rahab was not killed with those who were disobedient and she was a harlot, a prostitute… Notice that when there exists faith where your eyes are focused on God, for who He is, there is an opportunity for you to give your all, who you are, to God, because when Rahab welcomed the spies, she knew that she was putting at risk her life and her family ’s life, but she did it for one reason: For her belief in the God of Israel. Even though we live life in error…

Even if, my cybernaut friend, you are a harlot, a prostitute; even if you’re someone full of problems and have found various mistakes in you…inclusively there are many people that are reading this post and who are afraid to hear the truth, to “shake up” their life, to resolve their problems, because they thinks it’s a risk…Even knowing what God is capable of, have already heard of His Majesty: that forgives sinners when they call on Him. Even so, they recoil, have fear of threatening their own convictions, to see their erros, because when it is spoken of, there is always an excuse—it’s a humiliation, a problem, touching on a wound.

But when you welcome this, and think: “ I have problems, I am someone full of sin, full of imperfections, but I accept this opportunity! I want to resolve this problem!”

When you do this, you are welcoming, with peace, truth. And because you have welcomed truth, you will not be destroyed, you will be saved because of you faith! Even if your past has been horrible, unimaginably so… When you look at that God can do the impossible in your life, then you won’t have any fear of resolving and defending God’s commandments in your life.

My cybernaut friend, I would like that you reflect. Don’t be afraid! Be sincere with yourself, so that you will not be destroyed with the disobedient.

There are various people reading this post at this moment, but they are disobedient, they don’t want to accept the truth, they don’t want to hear the truth in regards to themselves, they don’t search to understand why they are being criticized, oriented or when they are counseled and when their errors are exposed. They don’t confer, but see their errors as normal.

When they read or hear about the Kingdom of God, that is marvelous, wonderful, that renews everything, that transforms water into wine… Have the conviction or the opportunity to change your story and have the desire to seize that Promise, of that reality that is written! And not to just hear and think that you have to live with your imperfections.

You know, I never changes when I thought that it was “normal” to feel what I felt, what I was living. When I discovered that I really need to consider what I was being told… I didn’t accept when people spoke “bad” of me, to point at my errors. I would say, “Oh that person doesn’t understand me…”, because I didn’t want to have motives for having that image, to give that testimony of what that person was saying of me.

When there is that desire for justice, of being just with God, and that people are being just with you… but being just for Him. Things start to be different, the way you see God, when you face the truth… you welcome peacefully the opportunity that is coming to you!

Take advantage of your opportunities! Your difficulties are a grand opportunity of revealing to you who you welcome God? Or you own rules, opinions, your thought? You decide!

But think in regards to that and participate on the Blog, writing what you thought about this post. Tell me: What have you noticed about yourself? When you write about yourself, this helps you discover yourself. And you have this opportunity to write here on this blog. In case you don’t want to identify yourself just write your first name and the city you live in.

This ends it for today; I will be waiting for you comments!

A big hug and see you next week!

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5 comentários

  1. Thank you so much
    Mrs. Vivian

    I learnt that I should be sincere with myself.
    And what have notice myself is that I should be a person to accepts corrections no matter how big or small it may sound to me.
    When I accept am welcoming ….good deeds in my life and l

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  2. Hi miss viviane.,
    I realized i need to fixed my life Now wholeheartedly and resolved all that is bothering me, my problems and I acknowledge that i cannot do it alone by myself, that I need GOD.
    miss viviane please help me how can i contact you?
    Here is my email add

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  3. I realise we should always focused on God just like Rahab who risk her life to follow God.

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  4. I read this post a few days ago and went away to meditate on what I had read. “Notice that when there exists faith where your eyes are focused on God,” is what stayed in my mind from this post because I realised that Rahab took this risk because she was focused more on God than what could happen to her and that was faith, the faith I learn from this post, and the faith I aim to practise going forward!

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  5. Faith, this is certainly an incredible thing that we have. To believe and put all our trust in God. There are time that I feel that the more I ask for more of Him, that’s when more of my mistakes are pointed out its not easy to hear them nor believe that you need to change but in order to have more of the He changes need to be made and trusted that He knows what he is doing and why you need to change because it will aways be for the better.

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