Who I Admire

Viviane Freitas

  • 18
  • May
  • 2015

Who I Admire

  • 18
  • May
  • 2015

Someone once asked me: Who do you admire? There are so many people I admire but there is someone who constantly lives with me with whom I am always learning lessons for my life.

I admire Júlio in so many ways…

In the manner that he serves… he loves to serve. Wherever he is, I always see Júlio serving in the simplest things as well as in the complicated things.

He loves taking care of me. He’s very protective of me. There is not one person who doesn’t notice that. It’s visible.
He has patience with me. He respects my boundaries. He concedes to my needs, for example: by spending time with my parents when they are with us. He stops serving himself so he can serve others. He is far from being selfish.

In the form that he is zealous with the Work of God. He sees the smallest details, and sees way beyond. He instructs all those who work with him. Whether they are on the altar as well as those who work on they physical part of the church, it’s employees. They have love and respect for him. The same way he is friendly with everyone, he knows how to handle his position. He doesn’t not give people freedom to go beyond their limits.

The way in which he works to make disciples. He is a teacher. When he begins to speak the Word of God, it captivates people. It’s not religious. And those who are around him also admire the Spirit that comes with his teachings. He fights for me, captivates me. He disciplines me. Makes me be alert. It makes me watch myself.

The disciplined way that he handles both his health and his work to be, most importantly, a living offering on the altar of God. He was the pastor who called my attention on how to read the Bible; he values ​​every word in a verse. He takes care of both the spiritual part of the church as well as the physical. Everything goes through him; he is within reach for just about everything that is going on.

The way he loves souls. This caught my eye. Why? Because in that, I saw his love for God even before I knew him well enough. He gives his life at the meetings. Sometimes he spends all his voice to intercede for God’s people. He not only lives the moment in the meeting but also is always spiritually active to reach souls. He works intensely and incessantly. On radio and television. Visits the churches and digests his time to invest their maximum potential at the altar. He cries and fight for souls.

He is my friend. Lets me be who I want to be. He gives me the opportunity to serve better. Understands when I need to go further than what I have achieved. He understands that I have a battle to win souls, to be a living offering on the altar. Júlio understands my faith and also admires me.

He is also super outgoing and sociable. Can handle any class of people. He is knowledgeable about a range of subjects. He’s friendly, generous and quite charming.

His charm is beyond his appearance. It’s in his appearance and in his relationship with God. And that is why he is who he is. Júlio knows how to be polite but still bold when he needs to be.

He is sincere. Speaks the truth, whatever it is. He is extremely direct when it comes to seeing the person’s soul.

Both of us have our imperfections but what unites us even more is the Spirit of our God. This makes us fit and get everything right.

By making God our priority, one understands the other. One learns from the other.

And because he is who he is, Júlio teaches me to exercise my faith to what we need to invest on.

Thank you Mimiu, for who you are. And I give thanks to God for giving me a dream come true, a servant of God besides being a son.

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  1. Its funny that I have not told my husband what I admire about him in a while.
    I usually think it in my mind but do not voice it. I will start to do so and I love it when he communicates his feelings for me.

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  2. Its funny that I have not told my husband what I admire about him. I usually think it in my mind but do not voice it. I will start to do so and I love it when he communicates his feelings for me. That’s what this post has made me remember to do. Thank you.

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