When being tested, do you offer or withhold?

Viviane Freitas

  • 29
  • May
  • 2015

When being tested, do you offer or withhold?

  • 29
  • May
  • 2015

Hello to all cybernaut friends!

It is a pleasure to be here with you every week and… speak about what? The Word of God, which brings us faith, an intelligent faith, that makes us reflect on our lives.

It is not a Word that is futile or meant to hurt, but a real Word, truthful, and that separates what is right and what is wrong.

Follow me in Hebrews 11:17:

“By faith Abraham, when he was tested, offered up Isaac …”

I will not read the rest of the verse, because this beginning, for me, already reveals enough! Especially because when I was put to the test and I realized that I was resisting, I thought to myself:

“My God, why I was not like Abraham? Why is it, when the Lord asked, I did not offer; I didn’t have that disposition? Was I worried because I was afraid? Is it perhaps that I don’t know the Lord?

Is it true, my cybernaut friend! Sometimes your faith is up high …and other times it is way down low.

And when does that happen? When you let the circumstances manipulate your “will”, overlapping your goal of serving God. And this can happen at any moment!

See that our daily struggles arise against our own will, our flesh; what makes us turn away from God. And that is exactly why you are always hearing that you must “maintain your salvation”!

Abraham was put to the test and he offered Isaac! When we are put to the test by God and He asks something of our own, do we react instantly? Do we readily offer it to Him?

That is my question !?

I was obviously tested, but after a while I offered … Now imagine, cybernaut friend, that God came in that particular moment, while I was in the fight where I was in the war against my feelings … I was not offering in the way that I should have, is that not true ?!

See that salvation, our faith, always has to always be alive within us, watching all the time, to give the priority to God.

Because when there is a need, some “emergency” in our life, there comes the test: who will you prioritize? God or your need?

And that is when you realize who you prioritize more!

And when there is a fight it is because at that moment you are being “carried” by your will.

And if we are attentive, always available … I do not say to you that we will be perfect, but if we are vigilant, how do you think we will act?

We will offer and deliver whatever the cost. Is that not so?!

And it is to this aspect that I want to draw your attention, cybernaut friend, so that you be always available, willing …

I remember that there is a verse, the parable of the vigilant servant, in Luke, which says the following:

When the Lord Jesus comes, there is that servant, whom readily opens the door …

That is when you are put to the test, you are to be immediately available and attentive to yourself, because you will solve all you need to solve.

And that is who a vigilant servant has to be, in faith and concentrated in everything: children, husband, needs, will ,financial life; whatever.

You should always be available to offer to God. Because if you are always available it is because you, sincerely, are watching and prioritizing Him.

My cybernaut friend, you have to be patient, alert and prudent! And me too !!!!

Because when we speak about faith, it is something we have to always work on it because we are never going to get to the point where we will be able to exercise it and be saved forever.

While we are in this life, alive, we will fight every moment our flesh, our needs, and etc.

And we have to save “our skin”, in other words, our soul at all times.

Therefore, when it is put to the test, cybernaut friend, offer it and do it whole-heartedly, not indignant, murmuring, or complaining, but with a happy heart, because God deserves it.

Cybernaut friend, I would like to read your comments!

What do you have to say? How has your faith been?

Is it that when you are put to the test, you readily offer?

So, reflect and write it on the blog so I know a little about you.

A big hug and until next week!

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  1. Hello Ms Viv..thanks for the post..it become hard sometimes to offer what God has asked me I do resist..but with this post I have learned something I used to offer with fear about what to come..

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  2. Dear Mrs Viv, thanks for the post… I can very much remember the many times I resisted God’s tests and responded late at times… I guess I was not attentive as I should have been… Thank God for using you to open my eyes today.

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  3. God has spoken to me through this post! At the moment, we are in the times of fundraising and I haven’t been out fundraising all week, so I got an idea (from God) to go around the shops in my local area to ask for funds… but then I was reluctant to go because I feel “shy” or feel “scared” of getting a “no”. But God is asking me to sacrifice my time and this shyness for the Work of God, and if I want to receive the Holy Spirit then I need to give myself fully! It’s something so small that could mess up my faith, but I will show my flesh that what God asks of me, I will do 🙂

    Paliyah, Stamford Hill, 14

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  4. When being tested, do you offer or withhold?

    Beverley Gardener
    I am a natural giver and because of this I get taken for granted sometimes, people taking my strength for weakness but i have learned in my Christian walk that it is more blessed to give than to receive although at times you feel like not helping but the greater God inside of you wills you to keep going the extra mile, for the extra mile is where greatness is birthed and lives..

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