To serve (Part IV)

Viviane Freitas

  • 7
  • Jul
  • 2016

To serve (Part IV)

  • 7
  • Jul
  • 2016

If you have read my other posts, you will know that we talked about how our praise, our prayer and the way we present ourselves before God, says a lot about us. In fact, it truly expresses who we are before Him and the quality of our faith.

The problem often is not the lack of prayer, but in having the spiritual sensitivity to identify your true spiritual state.

Why is that?

Precisely because that person has stopped seeing their inner conflicts, such as anxiety, insecurity, fear, being impulsive, etc., as something serious. These conflicts are what characterize who they really are because they have become part of their nature. These situations are constant in their life and are persistent inside of them.
If you continue to tolerant these inner problems and do not see it as your responsibility to change, you will not see the need to bring about change. And this you will also make you have problems in your relationships, because these feelings makes a person impulsive, say what they should not, and act in a wrong way, etc.
This lack of vigilance lets you only realize your mistake if someone tells you or when you reap the consequences of your actions.

While you are always busy thinking about other people’s business, you will be distracted from recognizing your own need.

You do not seek God because you recognize that you need Him, but simply out of gratitude … you live according to the results of the POWER of God: a prayer you did for a family member that feels better, from a spiritual advise you received, a meeting you attended, your healing, but you lack to see what is related to your inner being.

Friend, now you are able to understand why, even though you are a “good person” you cannot serve God entirely?

I never had problems with anyone around me, including other pastors’ wives.

I would accompany each one, we went out together, we celebrated birthdays, gave gifts, taught them how to use makeup, took care of them, passed the spiritual part, everything I received, I gave! I was “nice”, fun, good to get along with. I cleaned, organized, held a bazaar to buy things for the church, etc. And our daily battle made us more united. We had no problems with anyone.
But I still was in “debt” with them. Why? Because I did not meet their inner needs. That’s how we should serve! Even though I held meetings with them, passing very strong messages, there was no “blood”! No result in their inner being because I myself had not yet achieved these results inside of me.

That is when I faced my “giants”. God made me see my reality and I entered a new phase in my life. Everything was new to me, from the inside out.

To be continued next week…

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  1. Amen our inner offerings says a lot to God ,and how we chose to obey he’s word for our life’s

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