To serve (Part I)

Viviane Freitas

  • 6
  • May
  • 2016

To serve (Part I)

  • 6
  • May
  • 2016

The major function of someone who is willing to do the work of God is to serve! This is their greatest responsibility.

Why do we have to serve others?

To serve, in our culture, is seen as a position of inferiority, a responsibility that, in view of others, brings no honor.


Because everything a servant does is humbling, like “picking up the heavy things for his master” in short, he has more work. While the one who is being served, apparently has a more honorable and easy life.

So why is serving the greatest function of a person doing the work of God?

Because it shows what is inside of them.

If the person is grateful for the change they had within, then he will be happy to serve not only those who are above him, but all those who are around him. This will not be a burden, but rather something that comes from within.

Here’s the biggest reason of serve: the fact that there is something flowing inside of them. If this is not happening to you, then it will be something unpleasing and humiliating.

Many unconsciously say that they love “to serve”, because they are part of the work of God and that is part of serving God, but their real intention is to receive merits. Sometimes they serve, expecting to be rewarded. Waiting for others to recognize them and put them in place of honor or exalt them, etc.

Others, because they are so insecure (live far from the faith), do everything to please others, thus hiding their need, situations and spiritual condition. They want to show work, give the impression of being a good person who does not have problems with anyone, that’s how they camouflage themselves.

This is how they declare themselves as “servants” because looking at their actions; they are apparently “good people.” Therefore, they don’t see the need to change or become better, or to seek Jesus the Savior.
Jesus was their Savior only at the beginning when they first arrived at church, when they were delivered, when they converted, had a new birth, and in some cases even reached the baptism of the Holy Spirit, but never again felt the need to seek the Lord Jesus as their Savior, because they no longer see themselves as sinners.

And if they only consciously are aware that they are “sinners”, only refers to their mistakes, and state that everyone is a sinner.

Then, their prayer, going to church, their service, character is all artificial. And they are only religious people!

They serve the people, evangelize, expel demons … is active, but inside the rivers of living water do not flow.

Continuation next week…

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