The witness!

Elaine Rocha

  • 23
  • Jun
  • 2015

The witness!

  • 23
  • Jun
  • 2015

First let’s understand what is the meaning of the word witness in the dictionary:

1. Give witness of;
2. To confirm, attest, affirm; Claim to have seen, heard or known;
3. To express, reveal;
4. Give evidence or appearances of;
5. See, be witness, verify;
6. Serve and testify as a witness.

You can only be a witness of what you know and of what you are sure of, that is, you can only be a witness of the Lord Jesus when you have a personal experience with Him—when you know Him!
And when that happens, it is demonstrated to people that He exists through your life, through your conduct, your character! There is a difference, there is a before and an after, the old and the new, the darkness and the light!

When family members, schoolmates and co-workers speak with irony and criticize, it will not make you feel inferior, on the contrary, all is well, you remain in your belief, because you are brave to live in a different way from the rest … And deep inside, these people who see you admire you for the courage of having gone against the world and having your own personality!

Now that’s being a witness, it’s being light where there is darkness! It’s showing the difference when speaking, in reacting, in dressing, in friendships, in the respect for parents, in the obedience to the Word of God, in thinking before acting, in controlling your own feelings, in valuing yourself and not surrender to the first boy who is interested in you, and in saving your intimacy until marriage!

Being a witness is making people believe in the Lord Jesus because they see Him through you, and the desire to be just as you are is passed on to them!

When we are witnesses of the Lord Jesus, we are special—unique!

Don’t ever disregard this privilege!

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  1. being a witness of the Lord is a special feeling wow . and a great privilege, very true Mrs V I’ll surely strive to be Gods witnes

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