The travelling necklace

Viviane Freitas

  • 10
  • Feb
  • 2014

The travelling necklace

  • 10
  • Feb
  • 2014

What is the travelling necklace? Women who are members of the Godllywood know what the travelling necklace is.

However, I am going to explain for those who are not members of the group what the travelling
necklace is.

The Big Sister takes one of her necklaces and chooses one of the groups to wear it. First, the Sister, who is responsible for one of the groups, wear the necklace during a whole day and then she gives it to another member of her group. Then, the woman does the same and give it to another person. This is done until the
last member of that group wears it and then the necklace is given to another group.

Everybody has to get an experience from the day she wears the necklace.

If you still do not know what Big Sisters, Sisters and Godllywood’s groups are; look for a member of the
Godllywood in your church and ask her about it. Who knows? Maybe, you will be the next one to be part
of the group…

I would like to tell you about my day with the travelling necklace…

Well, my days are very busy…of course!! I’m a very busy woman and people who know me, know that…lol!

But, as the travelling necklace was with me, I wore some clothes that help me to highlight it. However, I was so far of getting any experience with the necklace and take a picture with it. So, I have also complained with my husband.

And he told me: ´Of course! You’re not living it….How will you get any experience?’

It was very strong: He did not pass “his hand on my head” at that moment. He was not my husband. But he was my friend and my Pastor.

Very nice! Look how Wonderful is God!! He always takes care of me.

Later, I thought that if I was not on the mood, I would let things go through my life without taking any advantage of them. I would not be a mature woman, I would not see the “little foxes” that are ready to cause
problems in my life. (Song 2:15)

So, I took the opportunity to observe even more and realized that our love and marriage had been renewed day after day. We had also matured and gained experience together.

I could see, once more, God’s care for me. In the past, I suffered a lot in my love life and in the way I grew up,
I would never imagine to have someone by my side forever.

I would think that I was not capable of taking care of someone but God is wonderful. From the moment I let
GOD take care of me, GOD showed me the right man for me. And my concern started to be with the souls
and the ALTAR.

GOD honored and trained me. Nowadays, our marriage is better than the day we got married. That has
happened and is still happening because we have invested on each other and learnt with our differences.

Because of I let God be in control of everything in my life and I have intimacy with Him; my marriage is renewed every day.

I hope you can tell us your experience and help some people who are facing a problem in their love life.

Hugs to all

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