The Invisible Anxiety

Josiane Boccoli

  • 24
  • Aug
  • 2015

The Invisible Anxiety

  • 24
  • Aug
  • 2015

One day they told me that I was an anxious person, at that moment I thought, “Me, anxious?”

Honestly I didn’t think I was, but I learned never to refuse an opinion made about me—listening and reflecting on what people say gives me the condition to see myself from a different perspective, to see myself as I don’t see me, and that always helps me.

Even not agreeing, I listened. Even not seeing myself like that, I sought to understand “why” the person thought so.

Still not accepting it, I looked on the internet on the subject, its roots, its variations, I emptied me of myself, of my “guesswork”, and asked God to show me who I really was, if they see me like that than why can’t I see it myself? There’s something wrong here!

After this simple but so difficult act of denial, I read, and in each line I saw myself more and more, how nervous I was!

Anxiety brings agony, grief, impatience, fear, lack of tranquility, worry, intense desire to do something, etc.….

Often, we make mistakes because we don’t know, because we think that we are not like that, but if we stop, listen and analyze, we will see ourselves and then we can change.
From this day on, I saw the anxiety in me and it was double reflected in my son, Gabi was what I didn’t like being, and now what? How to fix that?

I had to change!

Observing myself, calming myself down, surrounding myself with assurances, and starting a new phase of shaping in him what was being solidified in me.

I can only convey something to my son when it’s already a part of me.

Dear Mom, without even realizing it, I had a problem for years, and was passing it to my son. Something that is bad, that really hindered me would be present in him—that was unacceptable! Like any mother, I just wanted to pass good things to my son, so don’t waste your chances of becoming better, stop being tough, don’t think, “I was born this way and I will die like this!”

Enjoy your opportunities and invest in yourself, appreciate good advice that will make you grow—far from just you being benefited, you will help your child grow up without your mistakes.

Make of your child a better version of you!

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  1. I love this post….

    I have made it a habit to always go in the dictionary to find root meaning of words because sometimes someone says something to us, and immediately we dismiss it, but if we go deeper we will see that thats exactly the thing we need to change!

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